3D TV Series Tries To Get Kickstarter Funding

The following Press Release was issued by Sawdust Productions:

Crowd-funding campaign launched for industry-first episodic 3D drama

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Sawdust Productions, an international consortium of three Los Angeles and Montreal-based production companies, has announced the launch of “SAWDUST,” the first 3D television series to be shot in 3D and 2D. The pilot for the half-hour episodic drama, set within the world of a depression-era, 1930s circus, is being funded through the crowd-sourcing platform Kickstarter.


Sawdust Productions launched the campaign on Kickstarter to draw attention to the need for original 3D content created by worldwide sales of 3D television sets manufactured by every major electronics company. While there are many TV channels dedicated to 3D content, consumers have been slow to adopt the format due to the limited content currently available in 3D.

“SAWDUST” writer and Executive Producer Anthony Coogan stated, “The biggest hurdle in selling the 3D option to the public has been the fact that there’s hardly anything to watch. Programming is relegated to sports, reality TV and 3D conversions of existing content. We believe 3D television is the future and we’ve developed a completely original dramatic series utilizing 3D as a story-telling device to introduce audiences to the unique experience that 3D brings to the home viewing environment.” Mr. Coogan is President of L.A.-based Stereomedia 3D HD Digital and is recognized as one of the industry’s most knowledgeable stereoscopic video and film experts.

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website where project creators offer “rewards” to funding contributors. “We wanted to have complete creative freedom to tell the story of ‘SAWDUST’ with no strings attached to investor money,” said Wayne Schoenfeld, “SAWDUST” Executive Producer. “With Kickstarter, we’ll be able to fund the ‘SAWDUST’ pilot episode and deliver much-needed content for the 3D TV market.”

Film and television veteran James Mathers has signed on as Director of Photography for “SAWDUST” and other key crew positions and casting announcements are upcoming. Sawdust Productions has also retained the services of MediaTek, a Los Angeles-based communications firm to handle media strategy for the “SAWDUST” project.

The “SAWDUST” Kickstarter goal is $100,000 and completes the campaign on September 29, by which time it must be fully funded. Funders receive a variety of rewards, including minor roles in the series.

Image: http://www.ereleases.com/pic/2012-Sawdust-image.jpg

About Sawdust Productions:

Sawdust Productions, based in Los Angeles, Calif., is a creative collaboration between New Democracy Productions and Stereomedia 3D HD Digital in the United States and P2P Productions in Canada.

Principals include award-winning filmmaker and photographer Wayne Schoenfeld, Producer, photographer and creator of Icons and Iconoclasts, the widely heralded book that recreates 1930s-era circuses; Stereoscopic Director Anthony Coogan; and Nadia Duguay of EXEKO, an international non-profit organization and winner of the 2009 Medal of Peace.

There’s commentary at 3DTV.com: http://www.3dtv.com/news/3D-series-tries-to-get-Kickstarter-funding

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