How To "Save" 3D Movies? Take Away 2D Theaters, Of Course!

You just have to love how states the obvious. But don’t blame the messenger.

As the publication reports, RealD CFO Drew Skarupa gave a speech at the MKM Partners Investor Day Conference yesterday, where he discussed the declining numbers in terms of 3D ticket sales over the last few years.   Skarupa’s suggestions, reported by Deadline Hollywood’s David Lieberman, on how to boost 3D attendance aren’t just filmmakers making the 3D more effective  or studios making more of an effort to market 3D, fair points they may be.  But the noteworthy statement is that he believes 3D attendance will go up if only theaters offered more 3D theaters.  Yes, I suppose that’s true.  Eliminating 2D options most certainly will boost 3D ticket sales.

Yes, I suppose it’s true that moviegoers will opt for 3D if you force them to do so by removing 2D options. As of today, Lieberman notes that overall attendance for 3D-enhanced films are down to 33%, compared to 43% from 2012, which followed further declines from the obvious Avatar-fueled peak of 2010. As early as summer 2011, theaters started pulling back on 3D showtimes versus 2D showtimes.


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