CCBN 2014: Wohler To Show MPEG Monitors, RadiantGrid Upgrades

Wohler plans to show several new products at China Content Broadcasting Network (CCBN) 2014, where it will exhibit with Beijing Century Sage Scientific System Ltd.“CCBN has become a key platform for communications and interactions between Chinese and foreign enterprises in the broadcast and media technology markets,” says John Terrey, Vice President Sales, Wohler. “With the accelerated growth of the Chinese market for broadcast and media equipment, CCBN is the perfect event for Wohler to interact with local companies and showcase our latest developments in our signal management and audio/video monitoring line, as well as upgrades to our RadiantGrid platform for automated file-based media processing.”

Wohler MPEG monitors decode and provide convenient at-a-glance monitoring of program content from MPEG-2/4 ASI and Ethernet IP streams, as well as 3G/HD-SDI inputs. The MPEG video monitors decode and display MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 signals via BNC or Ethernet inputs, while giving users the ability to browse the PAT, PMT, and PID data for each selected stream. In addition to MPEG ASI and dual-input 3G/HD-SDI with loop-through, the MPEG monitors also accommodate HDMI video and audio with level meters, GPI, and tally. At CCBN 2014, Wohler will feature the MPEG-4290, a 4-RU system with two 9-inch screens; the MPEG-3270, a 3-RU system with two 7-inch screens; and the 2-RU MPEG-2443 with four individual 4.3-inch screens.

AMP2-E16V Series Modular Audio/Video Processing Monitor
At CCBN 2014, Wohler will present its flagship AMP2-E16V audio/video processing monitor. The monitor’s feature list is the longest in the industry, yet the product is operated with one-touch simplicity. In addition to its top-quality audio system, it features simultaneous multiformat monitoring, quick program selection, instant stereo downmix, loudness monitoring, internal channel mixing including SDI re-embedding, and audio delay. The monitor also has a wide variety of meter scales and ways to view meters, video, and Dolby or SMPTE 2020 metadata.

The AMP2-E16V offers Dolby Zoom, Dolby E line position, and CRC error monitoring, as well as automatic system configuration based upon signal inputs, 32 complete system configuration presets, a complete internal help system, and Ethernet software updates. Audio processor card options facilitate easy configuration for multiple SDI, AES I/O, analog I/O, and connection to external surround systems.

AMP1-16M Dual 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio Monitor
Wohler’s new AMP1-16M dual-input SDI audio monitor provides high-performance monitoring of embedded audio in two 3G/HD/SD-SDI streams at an attractive price point. The 1-RU system de-embeds and provides metering and monitoring of any or all of the 16 audio channels in the selected 3G/HD/SD-SDI stream. It assures intuitive operation and clear display of levels and other critical information using bright 2.4-inch LED-backlit LCD displays, enabling one-touch monitoring and summing of any selected channel pair(s) to built-in speakers, headphones, or XLR-balanced analog outputs.

The AMP1-16M monitor features a number of convenient capabilities, including remote access for setup and storage of user-defined presets via Ethernet and USB connections, along with gain adjustment/trim on individual audio channels with the ability to assign channels as left, right, or center to the internal audio system and the analog outputs. It offers both pass-through of each SDI input and a reclocked output of the selected SDI stream.

AMP1-S8MDA Multiformat Audio Monitor
The AMP1-S8MDA is a complete yet compact multichannel audio monitoring solution capable of monitoring audio from 3G/HD-SDI/SD-SDI, AES/EBU, and analog signal sources. The 1-RU system processes and monitors up to eight channels from an HD-SDI or SD-SDI bit stream, two sets of four AES/EBU signal pairs (balanced and unbalanced), or eight balanced analog channels. Eight high-resolution 26-segment tricolor LED bar-graph audio-level meters show simultaneous volume unit and peak program meter readings for superior level-metering. A convenient high-contrast LCD display on the front panel shows the user settings and status, type of signal, channel selection, mute status, and phase/polarity relationships.

The monitor’s unique design provides optimally focused sound for operators in an ultra-near-field (1 to 3 feet) working environment and offers performance comparable to that of many separate monitor pairs without the installation hassles, awkward speaker placements, and “added-on” look. This design provides for a higher sound pressure level for the operator while reducing overall ambient sound and crosstalk from adjacent bays. Extended high-frequency response reveals potential problems with audio whine or hiss, and electronic rather than acoustic cancellation of bass frequencies provides positive audible detection of out-of-phase (reversed polarity) audio feeds.

RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform
The Wohler RadiantGrid Intelligent Media Transformation Platform provides consolidated media processing capabilities — such as transcoding, standards conversion, audio processing, caption processing, and quality control — with a highly intelligent content management fabric and workflow orchestration layer. Based on an extensible service-oriented architecture, the platform integrates smoothly with editorial, archive, traffic, business process, and rights management systems.

New to CCBN this year is the first version 8 series release of the RadiantGrid platform. This release contains a brand-new media processing engine that provides content transformation at unparalleled speeds.

The platform brings optimized video-pipeline features such as anamorphic video handling, 2K/4K support, and higher bit depths of up to 16-bit YUV. New since IBC2013 is the RadiantGrid Detect and Correct video legalization option featuring the unique RightHue™ algorithm that ensures comprehensive NTSC and PAL color compliance within the file-based domain.

At the audio level, the new media processing engine parallelizes complex audio loudness correction alongside the video at unprecedented speeds. In addition to all of these features, RadiantGrid version 8 enables fully compliant over-the-top offerings for Microsoft® Smooth Streaming, MPEG-DASH, HLS, and H.265/HEVC, and it introduces a unique solution for U.K. DPP compliance.

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