Kenneth Copeland Ministries Reaches Millions with Sennheiser and Neumann

Kenneth Copeland Ministries has been an important contributor in the Christian community since 1967, reaching over 60 million people through its various faith-based outreach activities. KCM broadcasts its meetings from various arenas, conferences centers and ballrooms around the country using Sennheiser wireless equipment combined with microphone capsules from Neumann.
SennKCM’s mobile set up includes four Sennheiser EM 2050 dual channel receivers and eight Sennheiser SKM 2000 handheld transmitters, each coupled with Neumann KK 204 cardioid capsules. “We have a very small rig, but it sounds great and saves us a lot of time,” explains Jesus ‘CHUY” Esquivel, Event Tech Coordinator/Audio Engineer for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. “We reviewed top of the line microphones from other manufacturers and the Sennheiser / Neumann combination was so clear, it was like night and day compared to all the others.”

The recently acquired system covers all the needs of the KCM worship team. The switch to Sennheiser was made after the production team faced quality and reliability issues while using products from other manufacturers: “Very often, we had trouble with RF while using other systems Esquivel reports.”With our new Sennheiser equipment, we have overcome all of these difficulties.”

In addition to the rock-solid reliability of the 2000 series wireless system, Esquivel says overall ease of use was a big differentiator: “Setting up frequencies on the EM 2050 is fast and easy,” he says. “Now, our system set up takes between 15 to 20 minutes, whereas before it took almost two hours to scan and set up with other systems. This is important because we have other things to do.”

Esquivel and his team appreciate Sennheiser’s Wireless System Manager (WSM) software, which comes bundled with the EM 2050 system and provides unparalleled access to its wireless set up via remote control. “It is very useful, especially to monitor frequencies,” says Esquivel. “Having the ability to adjust frequencies, monitor battery levels and mutes is very reassuring in both rehearsals and live performance.”

Stepping Up to Neumann
Since the music in each worship service is unique and includes a variety of vocalists, it was important for KCM to choose a microphone capsule that could deliver consistently outstanding performance. “Each of our singers is totally different,” says Esquivel. “And with the Neumann KK 204 capsules, they can perform as they like without feeling limited. If there is part of a song that is quiet, the capsule is open enough to capture every nuance to develop the sound that we need.”

The KK 204 microphone capsule is specifically designed for the Sennheiser SKM 2000 handheld transmitter. Each capsule delivers a full, transparent and naturally warm sound, and a single polar pattern design enables a uniform response across the entire frequency range. This contributes to the KK 204’s excellent gain before feedback performance. “There is something about the combination of the SKM 2000 transmitter and KK 204 capsule that makes the sound,” Esquivel continues. “It is so crisp and bright and you can hear every breath a performer takes. It is also very natural — the way the voice comes out is the way the microphone captures it.”

While relatively compact, KCM’s acquisition of Sennheiser and Neumann equipment has taken its performances to the next level. “Music plays a very important role in our ministry outreach” concludes Esquivel. “We have been very pleased with how the system from Sennheiser has been working and it has made a measurable difference in the quality of our worship services.”

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