A Practical History and Review of Audio Codecs for Broadcast [video]

A Practical History and Review of Audio Codecs for Broadcast (Proficiency in mathematics not required, but drink plenty of coffee.)

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Wednesday March 26, 12:00 pm ET

Carroll Tim Mazza-Head
Presenter: 1x1trans Introduction:
Tim Carroll Dave Mazza
Linear Acoustic/The Telos Alliance NBC Olympics, SVP/CTO

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Codecs for telephony stretch far back into the last century and, though the quality was very different, the goals were essentially the same: getting more audio channels through restricted pipes. For signals that contained speech and music, even better codecs were required and began to appear on the scene even before digital signal processing (DSP) was small enough, fast enough, or cheap enough. Once DSP started to become mainstream, codec efficiency and performance began to climb exponentially. Multichannel audio, initially driven by film, rapidly expanded into the consumer space raising the bar further. Today, the broadcast industry relies on codecs in many known and unknown parts of the chain. It is facing new requirements to deliver many channels of audio across many distribution channels to myriad consumer devices being enjoyed in environments of all shapes and sizes.

In this 45-minute webinar we will review the history and progress of audio codec technology as well as exploring why codecs are still required and what they will be asked to do in the future. Can codecs continue to help balance the desire for “more” with the goal of “better”? How might this impact the broadcaster and the consumer? There will be time for Q&A.

About Tim Carroll: Tim Carroll, founder of Linear Acoustic, is the CTO of the Telos Alliance. Comprised of Telos, Omnia, 25-Seven Systems, Axia, and Linear Acoustic, each of the Telos Alliance brands focuses on specific parts of radio and television broadcast audio. Linear Acoustic has provided its products and technical services for NBC’s coverage of the Beijing, Vancouver, London, and Sochi Olympic games. Tim has been honored with several Emmy Awards for his work with Dolby E, television Audio Processing, and the Olympics. He is a member of IEEE, AES, SBE, SMPTE, and BKSTS and is a participant in the work of the ATSC and the EBU. He holds multiple patents in the field of television audio processing and resides in Pennsylvania with his patient wife, four children and two dogs.

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