CyArk Selects Active Archive Solution for Digital Preservation of Historical Sites

The Active Archive Alliance announced that CyArk has selected an active archive solution to preserve its historic digital assets. The active archive solution consists of Spectra Logic’s T-950 tape librariesFujifilm LTO Ultrium 5 data tapes, and a Crossroads StrongBox, which provides streamlined, simple access and management for file-based storage.

Active archive technologies allow existing file systems to expand over disk platforms, tape libraries and other storage technologies. CyArk’s implementation provides a persistent view of the archived historical data, making it easier to access files whenever needed.

“We predicted that our data archive would grow by 30 percent each year for the foreseeable future, which means it would reach 1 to 2 PB in five years,” said Elizabeth Lee, CyArk’s vice president. “Implementing an active archive provides us with a secure, scalable solution to protect the longevity of our vast digital assets while allowing us to manage growing data volumes in a secure and cost-efficient manner.”

CyArk is a non-profit foundation focused on the digital preservation of cultural heritage sites including Mt. Rushmore, Pompeii, the ancient Mayan city of Tikal, and others. In order to protect and preserve digital records CyArk captures the historical sites using 3D technology to create a robust digital archive. This and other technologies require the organization to manage a greater volume of data than it did in the past, approximately 5 to 10 TB per project, versus volumes in the 500GB range just a few years ago.

CyArk’s active archive enables it to store its critical data in accordance with media management best practices. Any data CyArk selects using the StrongBox is written to two high-capacity Fujifilm LTO-5 tapes, the first of which is stored locally in Spectra Logic’s T950 library. The second LTO-5 tape is designated for offsite storage. In addition, CyArk protects its invaluable content on multiple fronts by exporting and vaulting a tape copy of data at Iron Mountain’s secure facilities.

Another feature of the new system is the ability to move data off spinning disk, which has a life expectancy of less than 10 years, and onto tape media, which has a life expectancy of 30 years.

“With CyArk’s increasing data growth and such valuable historical information at stake, we knew that implementing an active archive would be the best solution for them,” said Betsy Doughty, Active Archive Alliance board member and senior director of marketing at Spectra Logic.  “With built-in data protection features, the combined active archive solution will help CyArk ensure the longevity of its irreplaceable data for many years to come.”

A full case study of the CyArk active archive solution is available here.

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