SVG Summit Showcase Preview: A Roundup of Exhibitor Offerings

The 2014 SVG Summit is fast approaching, and the Technology Showcase will host more exhibitors than ever before. In the weeks leading up to the Summit, SVG is highlighting the new products and latest technologies that will be on display at the New York Hilton on Dec. 15 and 16.

Visit the SVG Summit Technology Showcases on Monday Dec. 15 4-7 p.m. and Tuesday Dec. 16 8 a.m.-3 p.m., in the Mercury Ballroom, Mercury Rotunda, Petit Trianon, Rendezvous, and Lobby.

Abekas will exhibit Mira instant-replay and Mira production servers with the recently released V5.0 software. The broadcast-class Mira instant-replay server offers significant new features, including AVC-Intra 100 native codecs with built-in frame synchronizer on all inputs, clip-push for sharing clips between networked systems, standard AES audio I/O with built-in audio router, and enhanced GUI. The Mira production server is particularly suited to playback of animated graphical transitions and clips under switcher control. The Mira offers extremely fast recall times as well as the ability to handle video+key+audio clips as a single asset with one name. When the Mira feeds on-set displays, the MultiPlay option allows clips on multiple channels across multiple Miras to be recalled frame-accurately by the push of a single button.

AJA Video Systems
AJA will show a powerful workflow for sports broadcast, with the combination of the exciting new CION camera and TruZoom software running on Corvid Ultra hardware.

CION is both ergonomic and lightweight with unparalleled connectivity and is capable of shooting at 4K/Ultra HD and 2K/HD resolutions direct to Apple ProRes or AJA Raw. It outputs 4K AJA Raw data at up to 120 fps via four 3G-SDI outputs. This offers compelling image source capture with vivid detail and vibrant color for a variety of sports-broadcasting needs.

TruZoom delivers high-quality region-of-interest workflows from 4K and Ultra HD video. The software and external joystick controller drive AJA’s Corvid Ultra professional video I/O platform, allowing customers to scale any 16:9 region within 4K frames delivered from the CION to HD in real time. Users can work with real-time signals or recorded uncompressed files, produce instant real-time playback, and interact at the highest quality with all parameters key-frameable.

AJT Systems
AJT Systems will introduce its latest SportApp with a statistics interface that is sure to create a new standard for broadcasting stats in live sports. It boasts the following features:

  • In-game statistics interface for lower thirds, compatible with Stats Crew, PrestoSports, and other NCAA-compliant statistics
  • Easy-to-use statistics builder for individual players, teams, and statistical comparisons between multiple players and teams
  • Live monitoring of player and team Box Scores with in-game statistics
  • Fully animated lower-third graphics with statistics.

AJT’s booth will offer a live demo.

All Mobile Video
AMV will feature three cutting-edge technologies in addition to introducing its video-streaming service: Cinedeck: MX and ZX modular ingest, playback, and transcoding HD and 4K recorders with file-to-file insert capability and JPEG 2000-compatibility
Sony: New PWS-4400 4K four-channel recorder/player
BlackCam Systems: B10 ultra-miniature track camera offers new image-capture abilities by enabling content from various lateral angles while remaining hidden from view, while providing smooth pan, tilt, zoom, focus, and positioning.
AMV Digital Media: AMV is changing the world view of online broadcasting by streamlining the production and delivery process via its production services, transmission solutions, and Internet delivery all under one roof.

Apantac, provider of cost-effective multiviewers, video walls, extenders, and signal-processing solutions, will exhibit solutions for the openGear platform:

  • OG-MicroQ production-quality quad split: 3G-to-CVBS inputs with SDI/HDMI output
  • OG-Micro-Single converter: 3G-to-CVBS input with SDI and HDMI outputs with UMD, tally, meters and, safe area.
  • OG-Micro-UDX up/down/crossconverter: 3G-to-CVBS input with SDI/HDMI output
  • OG-Micro-4K 4K/UHD downconverter: four 3G SDI inputs with SDI/HDMI output
  • OG-MiniQ production-quality four-input multiviewer: 3G-to-CVBS inputs with SDI/HDMI output. Maximum 10 levels can be cascaded together for additional inputs
  • OG-Pinnacle production-quality converter: 3G-to-SDI input with SDI/HDMI output with UMD, tally, meters, and safe area
  • OG-Pinnacle-L production-quality converter with loudness monitoring
  • OG-DA-HDTV-SDI HDMI/DVI-to-SDI converter with looping HDMI and dual SDI output
  • OG-US-3500 universal scaler with HDMI/DVI/VGA/YPbPr/CVBS input and SDI output with Genlock

Artel Video Systems
Artel Video Systems will exhibit its DigiLink media-transport platform. Besides a suite of solutions for transporting broadcast-quality media across fiber, IP, and optical networks, on display will be J2K compression technology. J2K, with its intra-frame compression, high quality, low latency, and low cost, is particularly suited to live sports-video transmission requiring light compression of HD-SDI for transport across IP networks.

Artel offers a five-year warranty, free firmware upgrades, and free lifetime technical support for DigiLink.

Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design will feature its lines of digital cameras, ATEM production-switcher products, and video converters, video monitoring, routers, and disc recorder products.

These new products are scheduled to be exhibited:

  • Blackmagic URSA: a high-end digital camera including 10-in. fold-out monitor, user-upgradable Super 35 global-shutter 4K image sensor, and internal dual RAW and Apple ProRes recorders.
  • Studio camera: the world’s smallest broadcast camera with the world’s largest viewfinder. It features a lightweight magnesium alloy body with 10-in. viewfinder, four-hour battery, talkback, tally indicators, phantom-powered microphone connections, and optical fiber and SDI connections. It’s available in HD and Ultra HD.
  • ATEM 2M/E Production Studio: advanced Ultra HD live production switcher handling SD, HD, and Ultra HD, with 20 6G-SDI sources, SuperSource, DVE, motion graphics, and more.

For the first time in the U.S., Canon will demonstrate its CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 ultra-telephoto zoom lens, which provides 4K performance for Super 35 large-format single-sensor cameras and accommodates either broadcast or cinema-style production due to its removable digital drive unit. Available in EF- or PL-mount versions, the lens delivering the world’s longest focal length (75-1500mm with its built-in 1.5X extender) and highest (20X) magnification among Super 35 zoom lenses as of Oct. 16. The lens is great for sports, nature documentaries, and other types of long-zoom field production, yet it’s easy to carry, has a relatively compact form factor of only 15.9 in. in length and a weight of just 14.6 lb.

ChyronHego’s GS2 Multi-Touch is a feature-rich studio touchscreen system that drives some of the most responsive, technically advanced, and visually impressive interactive-presentation solutions on television today.

Paint is an advanced production tool that enables visually analysis of game play by graphically enhancing and highlighting video using a variety of telestration tools. Within a typical game, dozens of telestrated clips are quickly created for live, replay, or postmatch analysis.

Virtual Placement allows the addition of virtual graphics within live video, without the need for specialized camera encoders or a lengthy calibration process.

Clear-Com will showcase its latest intercom innovations and advances. Solutions include the LQ Series, new interface devices for linking and extending intercom and audio systems over IP networks; FreeSpeak II, the new DECT-based wireless intercom system, operating in the 1.897-1.933 GHz band, for seamless roaming during large-scale, multizone productions; Eclipse HX 8.0, the latest software version of the Eclipse HX digital matrix systems, which enables standard IP-connected V-series panels to operate both as fully functional intercom keypanels and as multichannel IP audio gateways for routing two additional audio channels to/from its Eclipse HX matrix, reducing direct equipment costs.

Click Effects
The next generation of Click Effects is here, continuing the company’s 21-year record of redefining video- and audio-content delivery and entertainment for live events everywhere. Unprecedented synchronicity, data, and advanced graphics functionality are the cornerstones. Using a simple point-and-click, Click Effects systems deliver scheduled and live impulse video clips, audio tracks, graphics, animations, and sponsor ads that not only entertain audiences but provide a powerful source of revenue-generating opportunities. Since its debut in 1993, Click Effects has spearheaded live productions for the Super Bowl, Olympics, US Open, World Series, Ryder Cup, Final Four, Stanley Cup, NBA Championships, Indianapolis 500, and NASCAR tracks as well as professional markets worldwide. Click Effects products are selected by approximately 75% of all NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, and Major and Minor League Baseball teams.

Dale Pro Audio

Representing more than 300 manufacturers of pro audio equipment, New York City-based Dale Pro Audio will introduce the following:

  • Radio Active Designs supplies innovative wireless communication devices meant to alleviate spectral congestion caused by the FCC’s reallocation of frequencies while providing excellent audio quality, reliability, and RF performance. Its signature product, the UV-1G wireless intercom system, is designed to aid broadcasters looking for reliability in the continually changing RF spectrum.
  • Focusrite RedNet provides the robust and reliable Audio Over IP networked-audio–interface solution for broadcast and postproduction. Based on the industry-standard Dante protocol, RedNet offers superb-quality audio conversion and transport over standard managed GigE switches. Features include mic/line, AES, and MADI I/O and easy integration with Pro Tools.

Diversified Systems
Diversified Systems was formed in 1993 as a full-service systems and media-technology–integration company addressing the technical needs of the broadcast, audio/visual, IT, and RF industries. Diversified Systems offers turnkey solutions, including engineering design, documentation, project management, equipment procurement, custom fabrication, system integration, project commissioning, training, and after-installation support.

RTI’s cameras, which will be shown at Diversified Systems’ booth, have been refined over two decades to capture and stream live 360-degree video. The cameras evolved from systems used by the U.S. military to provide “continuous situational awareness” for manned and unmanned vehicles, surface ships, and submarines. Unlike ubiquitous multicamera systems, RTI’s cameras output live 360-degree video free of optical distortion and “seams” from stitching separate frames together. The video combines ultra-high resolutions (up to 9 megapixels) with high frame rates (up to 60 fps), making it suitable for news reporting, entertainment, and sports. With military DNA, the cameras are rugged, lightweight, portable, and even wearable. Interactive apps give viewers unprecedented ability to pan, tilt, and zoom within live video, as if they are experiencing the action first-hand.

Dolby Labs
Dolby will demonstrate personalized audio experiences for sports. Its end-to-end broadcast-audio platform enables viewers to personalize and control sports and other events. This solution will enable consumers to choose and enjoy the audio experience that matches their interests. Dolby’s personalized solution will deliver accessibility options, immerse viewers in the action, and deliver experiences that give greater access to what they want to hear even compared with being at the event. The demo will show how the solution delivers improved speech clarity, personalized language options, and choices of commentators or location in the venue. Personalized audio is about delivering choices. The demo will allow attendees to select their own audio feeds to personalize their viewing of a sports event to see how this solution enables improvements in personalizing entertainment experiences.

Ericsson continues its 20-year commitment to compression and transmission technologies for live sports production with its DVB-S2X modulation, which dramatically increases video throughput over satellite and with its Emmy Award-winning compression solutions that continue to evolve to provide emerging and best-of-breed technologies, such as 4K UHD and HEVC to improve viewer experience and maximize ROI. Ericsson’s compression platforms are mainstays for large-scale live sports events worldwide, and the 4K UHD solution recently garnered NAB’s top technology-innovation award. The company will also demonstrate new user interfaces that enable faster setup of satellite and fiber transmissions.

EUROVISION is in its third year of providing global live distribution of sports events and ancillary programming for the NBA, including live feeds from the NBA’s recent Global Games in Istanbul, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, and Shanghai and from the regular-season game between the New York Knicks and Milwaukee Bucks at the O2 Arena in London in January. The company has also renewed its agreement with the PGA TOUR to continue worldwide distribution of live events and preproduced programming through at least 2018. EUROVISION continues to deliver European football to U.S. rightsholders, including English Premier League matches to NBC Sports Network.

Evertz will showcase DreamCatcher, the most robust, modern, and integrated replay system in the industry today. As a pioneer in 4K replay, DreamCatcher continues to grow its presence in live sports production of a wide range of events, including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and boxing.  DreamCatcher is a slow-motion, instant-replay system that allows advanced capture and fast-turnaround playback of live video. Highly scalable, it is designed to leverage state-of-the-art 10-Gbps Ethernet networking to seamlessly move and share content within any system in the network.

EVS’s C-Cast multimedia distribution platform turns multicamera content into customized multiscreen experiences — at top speed during live events. HuskerVision implemented C-Cast to give fans more ways to enjoy games, while HBS, host broadcaster of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, deployed C-Cast with record-breaking results.

Xplore is a Web-browsing interface for instantly accessing live, multicamera recording feeds and clips on XT3 servers, allowing users to work remotely and enhance content on the fly.

Epsio FX adds advanced graphics and effects to live video footage as easily as tapping a screen. Working in conjunction with the LSM and LSM Connect, Epsio FX simplifies postproduction video-effects processes.

Fraunhofer is showing the next step for the broadcast use of the MPEG-H Audio Alliance’s new audio system: the world’s first real-time encoder for interactive and immersive TV audio. With this prototype hardware, the company will be able to demonstrate how MPEG-H can be integrated into a broadcaster’s plant for live trials and tests. The system will encode elements of the audio as interactive objects so viewers at home may adjust the sound to their preference. Furthermore, it will give broadcasters the ability to encode true 3D sound, enhancing today’s surround-sound broadcasts to create a realistic audio experience.

Grass Valley
Grass Valley, a Belden brand, has expanded its portfolio and will display its 4K/UHD camera due for release in 2015. Developed specifically for sports and large-event live productions, the camera opens the market for 4K/UHD sports production with better zoom, sensitivity, depth of field, and native B4 lens. Grass Valley will also showcase the Kaleido-MX, a preconfigured multiviewer for high-end in-studio TV production, OB trucks, and master-control playout operations. Lightweight, easily cooled, and ultra-quiet, the Kaleido-MX features outstanding picture quality for critical monitoring applications, seamless control — even across multiple rooms — and rich integration with any router or production switcher.

Between the 20+ production trucks housing a Studer Vista and the numerous production studios driving a Vista, chances are you’re hearing your favorite team or event via a Studer audio console. Stop by the booth and speak with Harman’s broadcast specialist about the Vista 1, which packs a huge feature set, local I/O, and powerful DSP engine into a single chassis and is priced under $70,000. Learn more about Studer, AKG, and JBL at the Harman booth and ask about the Harman Gameday TRider program exclusive to SVG members: try any AKG/Studer/JBL product on your next production and receive full support from Harman USA.

To win in the fast-paced game of live sports coverage, broadcasters are challenged to transmit high-quality video back to the studio with no lag time. Ellipse contribution encoders and ProView IRDs are designed to help broadcasters stay ahead of the pack. Leveraging industry-leading compression expertise and Intelligent function integration, Harmonic multiformat, multicodec contribution links enable efficient, secure, and reliable transmission of pristine SD and HD video over satellite and broadband networks with ultra-low latency. For either 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 10-bit encoding, the new Ellipse 3202 features an advanced embedded modulator for live applications, and the Ellipse 3102 is suitable for fixed links. Harmonic’s ProView 7100 and 8100 series IRDs complement Ellipse encoders with high-quality, cost-effective decoding and descrambling.

Ikegami, a supplier of HD cameras and production equipment for TV broadcasters, networks, and other content creators, will exhibit a range of products for sports production.

The new HDK-65C is the latest addition to the Unicam HD line. Equipped with native multiformat 2.5 million-pixel, ⅔-in. CMOS sensors, it is available as a single-format system and is software-upgradeable to additional HD formats. Providing end-to-end digital processing, it features a low-profile docking camera head for fiber, triax, or wireless applications.

In addition, Ikegami will show its new HQLM-3210 4K UHD monitor. Providing 3840×2160 pixels, it brings super resolution to the very latest studio production applications.

Imagine Communications
Imagine Communications provides state-of-the-art, fully interoperable, future-proof solutions customized to meet any sports or live event application. The company will demonstrate the latest advances in its Infocaster digital-signage line, which comprises a suite of innovative tools for creating, scheduling, distributing, and playing out content.

Designed to produce broadcast-quality video and graphics, the latest version of the compact Infocaster Player now offers standard passive cooling and solid-state storage. All functionality and services of the Infocaster Manager are now Web-based, enabling effortless remote control, monitoring, and management of even the largest-scale digital-signage networks.

In January, JBL Professional will ship the 705i and 708i studio monitors and a complete next-generation monitoring system developed for broadcasters. Featuring compact enclosures, the modular system can be scaled to any room size and any number of channels. Leveraging the technologies of JBL’s flagship M2 master-reference monitor, the 708i and 705i deliver frequency response and output that belie their small size. Integrated mounting points and versatile installation hardware allow placement flexibility to preserve valuable control-room real estate and sight lines. The system is centrally controlled and amplified, eliminating the need to provide power outlets at each speaker location, and processed for greater room-to-room consistency.

Joseph Electronics

Joseph Electronics expands its broadcast fiber transport solutions with several innovative new products designed for the rigors of remote broadcasting. The company will be featuring its DFT-12-JR and DFT-12-EXP fiber systems. These single-fiber units can handle up to 18 bidirectional 3G-HD paths and a variety of other broadcast signals in compact, field-reconfigurable packages. The Tote and Booth Caddies work on the same premise but are housed in durable travel cases. Joseph Electronics will also showcase wireless HD solutions from ABonAir. Joseph’s new DT-12 Companion Checker and ANNA-LISA from Direct OUT are essential tools for audio mult and MADI troubleshooting.

Limelight Networks
The Limelight Orchestrate platform, an integrated suite of content-delivery technology, enables organizations to manage and deliver sports content at massive scale, to any device anywhere in world. Leading broadcasters around the world leverage Limelight’s solutions and high-performance private network to meet fans’ expectations for exceptional experiences. At its SVG Summit booth, Limelight will explain how it delivers flawless game-time experience some of the most popular sports events in the U.S. and on a global scale for the World Cup, Wimbledon, the Indian Cricket League, the European Championship, and the RBS Six Nations’ rugby championships, to name just a few events.

Linear Acoustic
Linear Acoustic will be highlighting the MT2000, UPMAX v4, LQ-1, LQ-1000, and AERO.100. The MT2000 multichannel bit-stream analyzer enables end-to-end system testing and is intended to be the next-generation replacement for the original Dolby DM100. The portable, handheld diagnostic tool can monitor and generate Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby E, and PCM bit streams and accepts signals via AES, TOSLINK optical, HD/SD-SDI, DVB-ASI, MADI I/O, and HDMI in. Engineers can quickly check the integrity and composition of Dolby-encoded and PCM signals routed through production, broadcast, cable, satellite facilities, and even home theater systems. The MT2000 provides ITU-R BS.1770-1/2/3 loudness measurements to support ATSC A/85 and EBU R128. Logging is provided via the USB connector and/or via SNMP over Ethernet. The MT2000 is powered by an internal NiMH rechargeable battery pack or DC power port via included universal power supply. Carrying case and multiple adapters are included.

MultiDyne recently added features its SilverBACK family of camera-mounted fiber transport solutions, including a new operator control panel that offers intuitive, user-friendly controls and displays. Award-winning SilverBACK solutions enable users to seamlessly transmit any camera signal — Ultra HD video, HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally, Ethernet, power — over a single hybrid copper and fiber cable.

The SilverBACK family comprises four models: the flagship SilverBACK-II; the SilverBACK-II-L for multicamera production; the SilverBACK-II 4K-L, a feature-rich model that includes Ethernet support and a video option for viewfinder or monitor viewing in the field, enabling camera operators to turn any 4K camera into a true Ultra HD multicamera production; and the SilverBACK II-4K, a low-cost model without the viewfinder/monitor viewing option, designed to support traditional film-style productions.

Nexsan by Imation is a global data-storage and information company. Video-production professionals worldwide deploy Nexsan storage solutions as a battle-tested platform for storing, managing and editing assets through the entire workflow. Engineered for high throughput, multistreaming, and reliability with easy management, Nexsan arrays handle multiple 2K and 4K streams, offer linear scale-out growth for affordably increased capacity in a single system, and provides the dependability needed for asset management.

Orad’s Flowgic is an integration toolkit that combines different elements of a production environment into one controller. Users can control graphics, video servers, lights, and more. In addition, Flowgic can connect to various live data sources to deliver the most up-to-date information. It communicates with various devices, data sources, and social networks. The robust UI editor enables users to design controllers that match their exact needs. Flowgic is designed to address any task and is an integral tool in today’s dynamic live-production environments.

PROMISE Technology
PROMISE will be showcasing its latest solutions, including FileCruiser, a private Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) solution, Pegasus2 M4 SSD, three models of the SANLink2 Thunderbolt 2 bridge adapters, and much more. PROMISE’s solutions have been used for years to bring the world’s favorite sports events to viewers around the globe, such as NASCAR, the FIFA World Cup, and the Tour de France.

LiveTouch, Quantel’s studio highlights system, makes selecting highlights from incoming feeds and playing to air fast and straightforward. The panel is designed for demanding studio work, providing fast selection, playlist editing, and live playout control. LiveTouch scales from one server to a cluster with up to 40 record ports and multiple panels. Panels can work with recordings on any server and playout of any port in the cluster. It can be configured to support productions across multiple studios and is 100% compatible with Enterprise sQ systems. LiveTouch supports integrated editing with no delays due to media movement or duplication.

StorNext Pro Foundation: Don’t miss the unveiling of the newest member of the StorNext Pro Solution family – a complete storage system designed specifically for small to medium workgroups with a price to match. StorNext Pro Foundation is the perfect system for organizations looking to move to collaborative storage but don’t require the seat count or scalability offered in larger StorNext Pro Solutions.

And in addition, see Quantum’s entire line of StorNext Pro Solutions:

  • NEW! StorNext Pro Workgroup: The advanced content production solution providing collaborative storage for ingest, production, and delivery, fully integrated with Lattus Object Storage providing extended online capabilities and peta-scale content storage at any stage of your workflow
  • NEW! StorNext Pro Foundation: The right-sized collaborative storage system for small-to-medium workgroups.
  • StorNext Pro Studio:  The Xsan Refresh Solution
  • StorNext Pro 4K: The 4K Performance Solution
  • StorNext Pro Production: The Content Production & Ownership Solution

Ross Video
Ross Video will be showcasing its game-changing sports workflow that uses just a single channel of XPression real-time motion graphics to provide all the animation, clips, and data-driven graphics for A-game–quality productions. Paired with a single keyer and custom controls on a Ross Carbonite switcher, Xpression offers the ability to call an unlimited number of layered scenes on an output, along with best-in-class data integration, multi-clip support, and lightning-fast recall times, suiting it to next-generation truck CG. Ross XPression is now used on both digital and linear sports networks around the world. Private demonstrations can be arranged at the company’s SVG Summit booth.

Reality Check Systems
RCS Twitter Bullet is a social-media command center in a sturdy flightpack designed to boost viewer engagement through social media. The size of a small overhead suitcase and featuring full plug-and-play functionality, RCS Twitter Bullet lets networks and event producers mine and air relevant tweets for live broadcasts and events. Clients such as DIRECTV, Twitter-Government, Fremantle, Activision, and Microsoft have used Twitter Bullet to drastically simplify the search and integration of relevant tweets into broadcast graphics during major sport and gaming broadcasts.

RED Digital Cinema
For producing a live broadcast event or on-set streaming of live 4K images for a client, RED’s 4K broadcast module offers a solution in today’s studio and broadcast environments while future-proofing for tomorrow’s 4K markets. The RED 4K Broadcast Module allows you to record at up to 6K resolution while broadcasting in 4K and/or HD simultaneously. Users can archive 6K R3D RAW masters, handle the current 1080p live broadcast, and be prepared to support the evolution of 4K broadcast.

Sennheiser will be showing Esfera, a surround-microphone system designed to be easy to install and use. It provides 5.1 surround sound from just two channels. The system consists of the SPM 8000 stereo microphone and the SPB 8000 processing unit, which converts the microphone signals into a complete 5.1-surround audio signal. Also on hand will be the UKFO-TX2 fiber-optic transmitter, designed to convert UHF radio signals from two receiving antenna feeds and transmit the resulting signals down two cores of single-mode optical fiber. And for wireless microphones, an eight-channel digital D9000 system will be set up for demonstration.

With a fleet of more than 50 geostationary satellites, SES provides satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and Internet-service providers, mobile and fixed-network operators, and business and governmental organizations worldwide. The global fleet is ready and available to enable on-the-spot communications for large corporate events or special projects. Broadband video and data for transmission capacity from minutes to months can be booked anywhere in the world, bringing the company’s technical expertise and 24/7 customer service to meet user needs in any location at any time.

SGL Broadcast
SGL, a provider of content-archive and storage-management solutions, serves the archive needs of sports facilities around the world. It will showcase its flagship content-management solution, FlashNet. Designed to integrate seamlessly with a media-asset–management or automation-control system, FlashNet provides significant improvements to workflow efficiency without intruding on the users’ familiar desktop. For live sports feeds, breaking-news content, or management of sensitive assets, SGL solutions provide adaptable, flexible video-archiving solutions for organizations of any size.

Snell’s new Kahuna 9600 production switcher can simultaneously handle SD, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and 4K/60p signals with the ability to simulcast in any or all of these formats. The switcher is driven by the Maverik modular control surface, which can be tailored to space and the TD’s requirements. Also on exhibit will be Quantel’s LiveTouch, the brand-new studio sports-highlights system. The scalable system is capable of supporting productions in several studios to maximize ROI. In addition, it offers bidirectional editor integration, making it faster and easier to integrate editing and highlights operations.

Sony Electronics
From HD to 4K, from in-game visual experiences to live events, Sony Electronics’ production, distribution, and presentation technologies provide end-to-end solutions for any sports-video application. Sony is immersed in venues and events across the country, from HD- and 4K-production technologies — cameras, switchers, displays — to comprehensive AV technology, security, and video solutions for sports-venue management. In addition, Sony 4K Live production systems, based on the F65 and F55 cameras, have been widely adopted to produce better-looking HD images, future-proof teams’ content, and enhance the impact of stadium large-screen displays.

SOS Global Express
SOS Global Express expanded its European presence in 2013-14, adding Germany and Russia to its UK office. The European teams were tested throughout 2014, coordinated the Sochi Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Youth Olympics Games, and Asian Games.

The momentum continues to build to 2015-16 with such events as FIS Alpine Ski Championships, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and the Pan American Games.

In the U.S., SOS Global is again working with its longtime customers for such events as its 26th consecutive Super Bowl, X Games, Daytona 500, and Final Four College Basketball.

The Studio – B&H
The Studio – B&H will focus its technology showcase on a number of available 4K solutions for sports broadcasters and content creators. Following the official announcement of a partnership between The Studio – B&H and Quantel, a Quantel Pablo Rio high-performance finishing system will be on display. Also featured will be a very small-footprint 4K mobile production system. On the acquisition side, the Sony PXW-FS7 4K camcorder, featuring documentary-style ergonomic design and 4K-XAVC internal recording capabilities, will be on hand, along with the IO Industries small-form-factor 4K-SDI camera. In addition, The Studio – B&H will also offer SVG Summit attendees the opportunity to take the three-axis motorized gimbal stabilizer Freefly MoVI for a spin.

Video Devices (by Sound Devices)
Sound Devices will showcase its Video Devices PIX 270i, a cost-effective, scalable video deck for recording multiple-camera ISO feeds for rapid-turnaround sports-broadcast production. Any number of PIX270i units can be frame-accurately grouped to record multiple camera feeds at a touch of a button. Edit-ready Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD files can be simultaneously recorded to up to four removable SSD/HDDs for redundancy and instant delivery. Files can be transferred directly to post via Gigabit Ethernet for expedited editing of highlight packages. A single deck or a whole group can be controlled from the PIXNET Web-browser interface or remotely over RS-422. Built-in PowerSafe and FileSafe technologies protect against data loss. The PIX 270i’s audio capabilities include 64 channels of MADI and Dante, and its compact half-rack, 2RU size makes it suitable for remote trucks and flypacks.

VITEC’s EZ TV IPTV system, installed in multiple stadiums and venues around the globe, is the most deployed H.264 enterprise IPTV delivery system in the world. It allows presenters to stream video and interactive signage in real-time HD with video resolution up to 1080p while providing maximum brand engagement, featuring support for live playback and recording, real-time analytics, and a framework for video-confidence and monitoring workflows. The format-agnostic EZ TV IPTV system can be quickly and easily deployed in virtually all IT environments and will allow fans to watch content anywhere on any device.

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