High Dynamic Range video – software is the solution

TVBEurope.com reports that today, there is much debate about High Dynamic Range (HDR) as a means to improve video image quality in Ultra HD.

The challenge is evident in colour space diagrams. ITU Rec 709 defined the high definition (HD) colour space in 1990, and was limited by the CRT display technology of the time, including eight-bit colour.

ITU Rec 2020, published in 2012, defines a much wider colour gamut, matching the capabilities of today’s flat screen displays.

Delivering this expanded gamut requires more bits per colour to provide a richer, more realistic viewing experience.

Eight-bit systems offer 256 levels per colour, or 256*256*256=16,777,216 different colours. In a ten-bit system, there are 1024 levels per colour, or over a billion different shades.

Read more at http://www.tvbeurope.com/high-dynamic-range-video-software-is-the-solution/

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