NAB 2016

NAB 2016: Scale Logic Presents Genesis HyperMDC, SYNERGY Platforms

Scale Logic Inc. (SLI; Booth SL242) is featuring the Genesis HyperMDC, a new high-performance metadata cluster supporting the HyperFS file system. The HyperMDC is intended to make implementation and administration of HyperFS easy and painless. Scale Logic has also unveiled SYNERGY, the next evolution in converged storage and application appliances.

Genesis HyperMDC: Guaranteed, Storage-Centric Media Reliability 
Genesis HyperMDC features a purpose-built scale-out NAS and SAN metadata controller with additional storage options and/or open-architecture platform support. It is suitable for media and entertainment workflows in postproduction, sports broadcast, visual effects, and other specialized areas.

Two configurations are offered: the 100S and the 200D. As a metadata controller, the 100S allows for high performance while allowing users to make their own storage choices. The 200D takes the performance of the 100S and adds high availability, with fully redundant, low-latency, metadata leveraging, dual-controller RAID and bonded network and fabric.

“The Genesis HyperMDC is the culmination of over two decades of building advanced, high-performance servers for various media-intense environments, including shared file systems,” says Scale Logic CTO Daryl Heinis, “The HyperMDC demonstrates a genuine focus on making the implementation, installation, and support of the HyperFS system easy and efficient for editors, producers, and support personnel, without sacrificing high-performance, high-availability, or an attractive price point.”

Chuck Buelow, VP, business development, eMAM, described his team’s recent work with the Genesis HyperMDC: “We recently worked with SLI’s application-engineering team to qualify a very specific customer requirement that included Scale Logic’s HyperMDC, MXF server, and SGL archive management, as well as Empress media-asset manager. Scale Logic gives ISV partners the ability to test real-word configurations prior to deployment and ensures a better overall customer experience”

Empress has engaged with the Scale Logic team for years. Its ability to utilize SLI’s interoperability lab allows them the freedom they need to qualify not only their storage and networking solutions but the interactions of the entire deployment with an incredible number of the industry’s creative applications.

“Hitachi Data Systems has partnered with Scale Logic for over three years now,” said Dr. Jay Yogeshwar, director, WW Media, Broadcast, and Entertainment, Hitachi Data Systems. “Together, we have successfully deployed shared storage solutions worldwide. The seamless integration of Scale Logic’s HyperFS file system and its metadata controller-cluster appliance, HyperMDC, with Hitachi Storage and Compute platforms will allow Hitachi to replicate this success at other large media postproduction facilities.”

SYNERGY: Cost-Effective, Single Enclosure, Converged Storage-Network Appliances with Embedded Media Application Support

Scale Logic has also unveiled SYNERGY, the next evolution in converged storage and application appliances. SYNERGY delivers simplicity and ROI for high-performance storage and network environments, while staying open to a wide range of content creation, management, and distribution OEMs.
With SYNERGY, Scale Logic has built the first storage server appliance to combine shared storage with an open media application compute platform in an all-in-one form factor. Scalable to 192TB of RAID-protected shared storage in a single chassis, but scalable into PB’s, SYNERGY is certified to integrate and deliver a wide range of MAM, PAM, transcode, archive, or other workflow engines. SYNERGY provides storage reliability under one global namespace, leveraging an advanced enterprise class storage file system, HyperFS.
“SYNERGY lives up to its name,” commented Bob Herzan, CEO of Scale Logic, “by integrating the key components of a shared workflow into one appliance. SYNERGY’s features encompass RAID, SAN, and archive, as well as industry specific workflow tools. The benefits to our customers are extremely apparent: SYNERGY offers streamlined appllication integration, simplified installation, and economical support options. We know that SYNERGY represents the evolution of over two decades of shared storage and storage server development.”
SYNERGY is not only an integrated server storage appliance with unprecedented, multi-lateral application processing power. Taken as a whole, SYNERGY is a powerful platform for any media-intense environment that still allows for ease of deployment with pre-set, application-ready server images, multiple connectivity options, and integrated first call support.
“The SYNERGY integrated platform could only be mastered by a hybrid company like Scale Logic” said Jeff Lowe, VP of Business Development, Scale Logic, Inc. Lowe added, “As part of the OEM development team for the HyperFS SAN & Scale-out NAS file system, we are excited by our two-pronged approach to target both channel partners and OEMs at the intersection of the media and data storage markets with a cost-effective and simple to deploy appliance strategy. We have both integrated, networked storage expertise and content creation workflow experience in the global market.”


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