This Norfolk ad agency is proving 3-D technology isn't just for video. Take a listen to "3-D audio" says:

Put on your headphones, and listen:

A barber, pacing behind you, unfurls a cape.

He sharpens his scissors, then snips, snips, snips around your ears, the nape of your neck and forehead. Close your eyes: You know the direction he’s clipping your hair.

The final touch comes from a few swishes of a blow dryer. The forced air flaps in your ears.

If there’s anything Jarrett Beeler’s “3-D audio” demonstration reminds you of, it’s that human senses are so closely linked, the sound of air whooshing in your ear can trick your mind into feeling it.

Beeler, co-owner of Sway Creative Labs, a Norfolk-based print, broadcasting and digital ad agency, is counting on that, hoping to grab consumers’ attention through their senses. The company he shares with Bryce Picard in Freemason recently bought “binaural” microphones and has already begun recording commercials with them. The agency wants to provide listeners with a more immersive experience.


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