Burst Launches Burst On TV Platform, Burst Real Time Commercial Solution

Burst, the mobile video technology company that enables broadcasters, media companies, rights holders and brands to instantly deliver mobile video to broadcast, OTT and digital, announced Burst On TV (BOTV) and Burst Real Time Commercial (BRTC).

BurstBurst On TV is the company’s foundational technology and the only platform that allows customers to get video from any mobile device onto live broadcasts, OTT, digital networks or social media channels instantly without disrupting existing workflows and processes.  Burst Real Time Commercial is the first business application for Burst On TV and a must-have for media companies looking to create more lucrative native advertising inventory for their broadcasts and for sponsors looking for new ways to differentiate and connect directly with consumers.

Burst Real Time Commercial is built on the BOTV platform and bundled with production services, support and a rigorous customer success program.  This packaged solution allows advertisers to easily create authentic and engaging advertising infused with real-time, curated user-generated content seamlessly delivered via broadcast, OTT or digital applications within minutes.  The BRTC solution is the first of several upcoming Burst solutions based on BOTV that will allow customers to create, control and monetize video content more profitably than ever before.

BOTV employs an easy to use point-and-click interface that allows journalists, consumers, celebrities – anyone with a smartphone, a point of view and a subject to record – to get their video into live media streams seamlessly without requiring the download and use of a mobile app to participate.  For media companies, live event venues, brands and marketers, this means fresh and compelling content that is rights-controlled and readily monetized with no workflow disruption.  Burst is the only solution that gives companies complete control of their content and a weapon against social media cannibalization that also allows them to drive new sources of revenue from owned content.  No longer will companies be forced to “rent” their content to social media networks and be subject to fickle partnership and advertising arrangements that are not profitable and whose parameters historically have been subject to change.

“The communications universe is continually expanding and the number of video consumption options is unending. Today, the world seems fixated on live broadcast delivered via social media which engenders a poor viewing experience that can be akin to ‘watching water boil.’  Burst’s customers are clamoring for the speed of broadcast combined with the curated precision that ensures compelling content.  The production companies, media companies and brands we deal with daily have a serious need for the ability to reduce production costs and find new revenue streams for their content which is not possible with the slate of ‘Live’ tools available today,” said Bryant McBride, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Burst, Inc. “Only Burst delivers the ability to create, curate, control and monetize video content for delivery across the spectrum of broadcast, digital and OTT applications that brands desperately need today.”

“Burst’s new offerings serve as a conduit for brands and consumers to engage around shared passion points. Whenever that type of authentic, one–to-one interaction or dialogue is achieved, there are real and measurable benefits to both parties,” said John Finger, Director, Business Strategy, Horizon Media. “If you are a brand or media company capturing content around sports, broadcasts or live events, this technology is a logical addition to your content toolkit.”

Burst and World-Class Partners
A key element in the Burst strategy is an open and easy to implement platform that is appealing to partners who delivery technology, production or digital solutions.  Technology and application partners like Avid, Adobe, EVS, NewTek, Evertz, Grass Valley and Ross Video, social media partners like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, OTT application developers, branding agencies and production houses all can easily integrate with the Burst On TV platform in a way that allows them to use mobile video as an integral part of their application seamlessly.  The company is aggressively courting new partners across the broadcast, digital, OTT and social spectrum to allow users to add Burst to it their arsenal of content tools with ease.

How BRTC Works
Burst Real Time Commercial is a packaged solution that incorporates BOTV with world-class production support and deep customer service from Burst’s in-house team of video professionals who are solely dedicated to ensuring customer success.  For the first time, producers, editors and marketers can collect video from any mobile device and easily integrate that content into fresh and relevant ads that are keyed to a live broadcast for TV, OTT and digital applications.

The combination of Burst technology and hands-on support provided by the company’s team of video production professionals means that brands now have a tool of unprecedented power and creativity that allows them to speak to potential consumers when viewer engagement is at its peak, build new and compelling video inventory, and monetize that video inventory more efficiently.

As an example, if an advertiser buys time during a broadcast of any kind, Burst will use its proprietary video algorithms to search Burst “bubbles” – containers of video content uploaded to the Burst cloud –for video clips relevant to the event and appropriate to the advertiser’s needs.  Those clips are reviewed and selected by a team of Burst video pros and broadcast production staff and quickly incorporated into an upcoming Real Time Commercial for broadcast, digital or OTT delivery.

Alternately, advertisers and broadcasters can solicit viewers to upload user-generated video to Burst directly during a broadcast.  Burst staff and broadcast producers then follow the same review and selection routine to seamlessly merge the user-generated content into a Real Time Commercial.

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