Save The Date! SVG’s IP Production Summit Set for October 6, NYC

The Sports Video Group is proud to announce its first ever event focused on one of the hottest areas of technology development: the use of IP-based tools in a production environment. The event will be held on October 6 at the Westin Hotel in New York City and registration for the event will officially open on August 1.

IPproductionFINALx700-01“The potential to move to IP-based systems for live sports production continues to be a topic of increasing interest but there is also plenty of uncertainty with respect to the different flavors of IP in the marketplace, the ability to have a truly end-to-end IP-based production workflow, and where other next-generation tools like cloud-based systems fit into the production puzzle,” says Ken Kerschbaumer, SVG, Co-executive director, editorial services. “Our goal is to give our members and sponsors an opportunity to have a full day of discussion to help everyone better understand the opportunities, limitations, and challenges ahead.”

Topics include:

Making the Move to @Home Productions
In recent months more and more sports productions are involving different aspects of IP and cloud-based systems. Some organizations are increasingly looking to “@home” efforts whereby the production control room is far removed physically from those at the venue. And others are taking advantage of network connectivity to push and pull files between a remote location and a broadcast facility. What are the benefits of making the move to IP and cloud-based production? Where are the bottlenecks and vulnerabilities? Experts sound off.

How Does the Move to IP Impact the Way Engineers Manage a Facility?
Whether a production facility is on wheels or not the move from baseband operations to IP operations has a tremendous impact on the way engineering staffs go about problem solving and doing their jobs. What should a traditional engineer expect in terms of how the approach to their job will change? What new skill sets do they need to develop?

Cloud-Based Production: Hype vs. Reality
It is becoming easier and easier to produce content with resources that are located “in the cloud” as storage and networking technologies become more robust and cost-efficient. What areas of production can most easily benefit from cloud-based tools and services today? What areas of production are lagging when it comes to moving to cloud-based operations? Experts discuss the realities of making the move into cloud-based production.

Picking an IP Router That Meets Your Needs
Those looking for an IP-based router have a number of choices to consider, both in terms of brand but also design philosophy and user interfaces. Routing manufacturers discuss their different philosophies towards design and signal workflow alongside end users who discuss what drove their buying decision and how working with IP-based routing differs from baseband routing.

AIMS, ASPEN, NDI, NMI, and the Move to IP: An Update
The early days of the transition to IP-based production services has been highlighted by the creation of AIMS and ASPEN, two groups of manufacturers that are hoping to make life easier for their customers. Representatives from both discuss the roles they each play, where they both fit into the long-term move to IP, and more during what promises to be a lively debate.

IP-Based Cameras, Switchers: Finding the Holy Grail
IP-based routing is the first step that the industry has taken towards an IP-based end-to-end production chain. But many people are waiting for IP-based camera and production switchers to hit the market in a meaningful way and open up whole new ways of working. Learn about the latest developments with respect to IP-based cameras and production switchers from leading vendors and end users.

IP and the Future of Live Production: Bringing it All Together
There are plenty of technical and workflow issues that need to be hammered out before the days of true all-IP production can become a reality. In the meantime, production facilities and workflows will be a mix of baseband and IP signal transport, conversion, and management. How will the industry get through this conversion process without compromising the quality of a production or making current productions overly complex?

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