IBC 2016

IBC 2016: Panasonic intros 4K 360 camera, 4K box camera

Panasonic is showcasing a variety of 4K innovations at IBC 2016: a prototype 360-degree real-time camera, a multipurpose camera, and a collaboration with Intel on a new expressP2 card reader.

The prototype 4K 360-degree real-time camera is designed for virtual-reality viewing. Featuring four cameras, synchronized to create a single 4K equi-rectangular image, it has a camera head and a base unit with connecting cables. This enables real-time stitching and distribution of 360-degree images for a number of applications, such as stadiums or concerts, giving viewers the sense of being in the midst of the action.

The company also released launch details of its 4K multipurpose camera, a B4-mount–equipped box camera aimed at sports, remote studios, live concerts, and aerial shooting. It provides 4K output (3G x 4) and HD-SDI output simultaneously and will be available in November.

The Panasonic AK-UB300 4K box camera.

The Panasonic AK-UB300 4K box camera

Developed in collaboration with Intel, the new AU-XPD3 expressP2 card reader is designed to support super-HD data transfer, including 4K. Equipped with Thunderbolt 3 offering 40-Gbps data transfer, it can achieve data speeds of up to 10 Gbps, the fastest workflow speed in the industry. It is planned for release in first quarter 2017.

At IBC 2016, Panasonic is demonstrating its media-over-IP solution, using a newly developed MoIP gateway for 4K and HD. It has the capability to deliver HD MoIP networks in near real time, sufficient for seamless video switching.

Panasonic has also introduced a Full HD integrated outdoor camera. Set for release next summer, the camera features a water–, dust–, and salt-air–resistant shell and a wiper to ensure continued quality recording whatever the conditions. It also features a newly developed image stabilizer to capture clear video using vibration compensation.

Meanwhile, Avid has announced complete integration with Panasonic’s AVC Ultra-LongG video format across its production workflow software. The format is popular among news organizations and broadcasters around the world. The splicing capability of AVC Ultra-LongG streams is an industry first and allows changes to be made to existing sequences without requiring a full re-encode on playout. The complete end-to-end production workflow with Avid allows broadcasters to invest in the new camera platform without risking interruption of well established operational practices.

“In addition to some really exciting product developments, Panasonic is making a commitment to lead the movement towards HDR within the video industry by supplying HDR-ready technology that supports this shift,” says Andre Meterian, director, Panasonic Professional Camera, Europe. “Both the Varicam 35 and Varicam LT, for example, have 14-plus stops of latitude, which exceeds the dynamic-range specifications required for HDR content delivery. For live broadcasts in HDR, we will ensure a smooth migration to HDR from the current SDR systems and make it possible for both SDR and HDR content to go out on-air simultaneously.”

Panasonic is also working toward making MoIP a reality across the broadcast industry by actively taking part in a number of activities to improve the interoperability of the technology.

“At IBC 2016, Panasonic is joining the Joint Interop Demonstration in the Feature Zone in Hall 8, where we would be demonstrating our SMPTE ST2110 (TR-03) and AMWA IS-04 (nmos) implementation,” says Meterian. “Panasonic will strive to help develop a common set of standards for effective MoIP broadcasting.”

Finally, Panasonic announced it will release a new 1.5-in. HD viewfinder this winter. The AJ-CVF50G is a newly developed display capable of continuous images without causing burn-in. It enables users to see the entire picture within the viewfinder at all times, even at a distance from the viewfinder. The AJ-CVF50G also offers quick response, making it suitable for recording sports events and features one-touch switching of monochrome and color mode.

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