Grabyo Cloud Producer Puts Social-Video Needs First

System allows content to be more closely tied to social-media platforms

Grabyo has introduced Cloud Producer, a cloud-based production system designed for social-video–content creators and publishers. Among the features are real-time, low-latency switching of streams and other production features designed to unify multiple production features in a single environment.

Grabyo's Cloud Producer system is currently being used by the Hero Caribbean Premier League.

Grabyo’s Cloud Producer system is currently being used by the Hero Caribbean Premier League.

“Rights owners and publishers want to reduce their dependency on costly broadcast production platforms as they’re bound by the limitations of their fixed infrastructure,” says Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon. “By launching Grabyo Cloud Producer, we’re now giving content owners a versatile, digital platform for all their social-video editing, distribution, and live-stream–production needs.”

The system is designed to help content creators deliver high-end live shows with multiple streams, live-feed switching, live-mobile-video inputs, rich graphics overlays and animations, VOD insertion, and instant highlights. The system can publish content to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram simultaneously as well as to apps and websites owned and operated by the rightsholders or leagues. OTT services also can be fed by the system. And the system has integration with third-party graphics tools so that users can upload already created graphics. Scorebugs, Facebook and Twitter comments, and other content can also be integrated.

“It empowers the digital-production team to create digital-first social-media content,” says Grabyo Americas President Mike Kelley. “The digital teams at broadcasters have been dependent on the broadcast side for live streams, and they can now manage a social broadcast on Facebook or multiple feeds independently. People are really thirsty for this kind of system, and we think it’s a game-changer.”

Integration of data and interactive elements is also a big part of the system. For example, enhanced graphic overlays can be prebuilt and tied to data systems that can update, populate, and animate the overlay in real time. And social-media features — Facebook comments, tweets, even polling — can also be published and played out, and third-party apps can be integrated.

“We’re streamlining the production of professional live shows with Cloud Producer,” says Capon. “We’re also helping content creators adapt to the growth in digital audiences, the need to build loyal fan bases, and the opportunity to deliver live streams with interactive elements.”

The system is designed to work with production tools like the Newtek TriCaster so that remote-production teams can operate with more cost-effective production systems.

“High-end productions can be very expensive,” notes Kelley. “We wanted to replace some of that heavy equipment at remote locations. All you need is an internet connection and a Mac or PC.”

Cloud Producer is already in use in sports production. The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) uses it to deliver a remote production for the live stream of the 2017 CPL Draft on Facebook Live. As the Draft unfolded, the CPL was equipped with the tools to seamlessly insert prerecorded video segments and live graphics into the live stream. The event was streamed on the league’s Facebook page, resulting in more than 616,000 views and generating nearly 100,000 video engagements.

“The Hero Caribbean Premier League was delighted to work with Grabyo once again to create a unique, digital-first broadcast for Facebook Live,” says Caroline Smith, head of digital, Hero CPL. “We used Cloud Producer to insert graphics overlays and prerecorded VOD content in real time, and that helped create a top-quality and innovative live broadcast that extended the reach and establish a new audience of followers.”

Kelley says the next step is to add an ad-insertion system right into live streams, a move that will help rightsholders more easily monetize digital streams.

Grabyo’s client roster includes La Liga, the English Premier League, BT Sport, beIN Sports, ATP Media, Real Madrid CF, Wimbledon, and Formula E Racing.

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