LiveU, Tektronix, Globecast, Wowza Media Systems Renew With SVG

The Sports Video Group is pleased to announce that LiveU, Tektronix, Globecast, and Wowza Media Systems have renewed their corporate sponsorships. LiveU offers solutions for live video acquisition, management and distribution over IP. Tektronix designs test and measurement equipment. Globecast is a provider of content contribution, media management, playout, distribution and monetization solutions. Wowza offers customizable live-streaming platforms to build, deploy, and manage high-quality video, live and on-demand.

LiveU’s technology enables live video transmission from any location around the world with lightweight, easy-to-use equipment. From backpacks to smart phones, and satellite/cellular hybrid to external antenna solutions, LiveU’s solutions include multiple 4G LTE/3G, HSPA+, Wi MAX and Wi-Fi cellular links, which are optimized for maximum video quality based on the available network conditions.

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Tektronix delivers innovative, precise and easy-to-operate test, measurement and monitoring solutions that solve problems, unlock insights and drive discovery. Tektronix has been at the forefront of the digital age for over 70 years.

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Part of the Orange Group, Globecast provides content acquisition, management and distribution services globally. Globecast has created a global hybrid fiber and satellite network for video contribution and distribution that enables multiplatform delivery including TV Everywhere OTT, Satellite, cable, Video on demand, and CDN delivery, as well as cloud-enabled media services.

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Wowza Media Systems is a streaming leader with more than 19,000 customers in 170+ countries. Service providers, direct customers, and partners worldwide trust Wowza products to provide robust, customizable, and scalable streaming solutions—with powerful APIs and SDKs to meet organizations’ evolving streaming needs.

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