NAB 2017

NAB 2017: IHSE USA Intros Gear for Control, Monitoring of Draco Matrix-Switch Systems

IHSE USA (SL12216, SL12416) has launched the 480-CTRL2 Draco tera CPU board for its Draco tera enterprise matrix-switch solutions, and Tera Viewer software, providing an IP-based preview of video signals passing through Draco tera KVM matrix systems.

The 480-CTRL2 provides several new professional-level features that enable system administrators to monitor and manage complex matrix systems more effectively. With Tera Viewer, users can conveniently check and monitor images as often as required in control-and-monitoring applications live-image previews are presented on separate, user-configurable screens, and a drag-and-drop feature makes it possible to reroute data paths easily in the KVM switch.

The 480-CTRL2 offers a wide range of functionality including SNMP version 3, which encompasses services for authentication, privacy, and access control; the LDAP version 3 open-standard protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information over an IP network; dual LAN ports for fail-safe, redundant network interfaces; and a genlock option for synchronizing serial digital sources when the switch is adapted with SDI option cards.

The 480-CTRL2 creates a unified control system that brings all SDI, USB 3.0, and KVM input and output cards within the switch matrix under a single point of control, enabling system administrators to simplify a facility’s workflow. Control-management options include status reporting, assigning presets, firmware updates, system data analysis, network configuration, definition of extender devices, user assignments, password administration, and logging information management. The control card enables automatic configuration updates to the distributed extenders without the user’s physically accessing them or rebooting the system.

Each 480-CTRL2 includes two redundant RJ-45 network ports, an RJ-10 port for RS-232, an HDMI port for local monitoring, two USB-HID ports for keyboard and mouse, and a mini HD-BNC port for genlock. Each Draco tera enterprise matrix provides slots for two control cards: one for a primary control card, the other for system-control redundancy. The 480-CTRL2 controller board enables a local connection for system administration, status, diagnostics, and maintenance functions. The HDMI and USB ports allow system administrators to connect their consoles or other control units directly to the matrix and access servers in real time to conduct system checks and fix bugs using the on-screen display.

For network control, users can easily configure the 480-CTRL2 through the tera Tool application. The Java-based tera Tool software is an intuitive, user-friendly graphic interface whose advanced functionality and broad range of features simplify system setup. Users get a visual representation of matrix status in a graphical map of I/O ports, which they can quickly drag and snap to create the desired CPU-to-CON connections. With the tera Tool application, users can manage multiple switch frames simultaneously by selecting the defined IP address. Other features of the tera Tool include keyboard ghosting and EDID management to allow improved sharing of monitors and keyboards.

When a Draco tera matrix system is configured with a serial digital I/O source, the 480-CTRL2 board can easily be genlocked to ensure synchronization with other SDI sources in the broadcast facility.

“As our enterprise customers’ video environments become increasingly complex, so do their workflows, so we made it a priority to optimize the efficiency of monitoring and management,” says Dan Holland, marketing manager, IHSE USA. “By adding a genlock option and including customer requests such as compatibility with HDMI connections, we also optimized image transmission.”

Tera Viewer
Tera Viewer generates live video previews through an efficient H.264 IP encoder directly connected to dedicated ports on the KVM matrix switch through individual CON units (481 Series), which follow the video input and output.

Power users can access live monitoring and switching from wherever a high-performance IP connection is available, regardless of physical location and proximity to the Draco tera KVM matrix switch.

For editing video, mixing audio, or doing broadcast design, the best place to control the switch sources is from the desktop. Tera Viewer gives users the option to control matrix sources from anywhere the workstation is located and connected to the network. Broadcast technicians, editors, and other video personnel can easily select from the predefined list of computers assigned to them at the workstation. They can quickly assign the source and destination by simply dragging the CPU icon to the preferred display device.

Tera Viewer is designed to work on touchscreen monitors for the most fluid computer-based control of source devices. Use of the Tera Viewer package requires two Draco vario HDMI CON units (for connecting the IP encoders), and a PC with an Intel Core i5 or better processor is recommended.

“Tera viewer is an intuitive user interface ideally suited for professional KVM management at the workstation,” says Holland. “With just a mouse click or a tap on a touchscreen, you can quickly select the source you are looking for and see real-time video switching.”

More information about IHSE USA’s KVM matrix switch and extender products is available at

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