NAB 2017

NAB 2017: Ross Video Launches All-in-One Production Solution, Graphite

At NAB 2017, Ross Video introduced a complete all-in-one production solution – Graphite. Graphite brings the capabilities of a Carbonite production switcher, a feature-rich version of XPression 3D motion graphics, two channels of clip server, and the newly developed RAVE audio engine; all within a single 4RU chassis.

At the heart of this system, is a Carbonite engine built onto a PCIe card. Because of this innovative design, Graphite offers unmatched performance and reliability in an all-in-one system. This eliminates traditional performance issues arising from an overtaxed CPU – such as stuttered animations, unresponsive operation, and more. Additionally, this self-contained Carbonite engine is directly powered by the system, making it immune to any possible computer sub-system reboots, crashes, or updates. The only way the Carbonite stops operating during production, is a complete loss of power.

Graphite contains the complete features of a Carbonite switcher, including 2 MEs with 5 keyers each, 4 MiniME processors with 2 keyers each, 4 floating DVEs, 2 UltraChrome chroma keyers, 2 advanced pattern generators per ME, and 4 channels of MediaStore.

As a single channel variant of XPression software, XPression Graphite features unlimited layering, as well as true 3D objects and animations. Not only does Graphite offer one of the most powerful graphics engines found in an all-in-one, but it also includes two channels of XPression Clips server for recording, managing, and playback of video clips. Graphics created in XPression Graphite can be used in these channels much like an external video source.

The self-contained Carbonite engine completely handles the operation of the Carbonite switcher and RAVE audio engine. This is how Graphite is able to offer the high-end XPression graphics system in an all-in-one production system, as the integrated computer CPU is nearly-completely dedicated to the operation of this powerful motion graphics application.

Both a first for Ross and an essential development for Graphite, the RAVE Audio Engine is a fully-fledged, uncompromising audio mixing and processing system – the likes of which cannot be found in traditional all-in-one production systems. Rave features a 24-channel audio mixer with input management, level monitoring, volume and gain adjustment, and other desirable audio production features. Users can access audio from embedded SDI in video inputs or any of Graphite’s internal sources including: XPression, XPression Clips, Computer Audio, and MediaStores.

For live event productions with more rigorous audio needs, Rave audio can be further augmented with an optional 1RU breakout panel that enables analog and digital audio usage. This panel adds 8 analog inputs and 5 analog outputs, as well as 1 AES digital audio input and output. Primarily used for microphones, the analog inputs also provide microphone pre-amps and toggle-able phantom power for higher quality equipment. Analog outputs can be used intelligently, thanks to customizable AUX channels which are great for mix/minus feeds to multiple hosts and commentators.

Like all Ross products, Graphite is part of the Ross production ecosystem which means additional equipment connects easily and can be controlled centrally. A particularly exciting combination, is Graphite and Mira Replay. By combining these two systems, users can build a complete broadcast-grade sports production solution at a remarkable price point.

Graphite offers an incredible feature set on a totally reliable platform. This make Graphite the perfect choice for reducing cost and space without compromising on production quality.

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