Wazee Digital Incorporates TrackVia’s Platform Into Live-Event Services for Real-time Scoring Data

Wazee Digital has integrated TrackVia’s low-code application platform into the Wazee Digital Media Hub and related Live Event Services. As a result, customers that use Live Event Services can integrate real-time scoring data into their live-event workflows, giving both on-site production teams and remote operators instant information that can help them make informed editorial and production decisions about how to use the live content.

Wazee Digital TrackVia

“At sports events, especially golf or tennis tournaments, there are so many simultaneous shots or plays occurring that it’s extremely difficult to stay on top of everything in real time, especially for the moments that matter to consumers,” says Wazee Digital Director of Product Line Management and Live Event Services Brian Eldredge. “The integration with TrackVia allows Wazee Digital’s Live Event Services teams to zero in on the moments that resonate with viewers. The human element is still involved, but we are giving producers and editors more tools, data, and information to help drive insightful decisions in real time, so they can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.”

Live Event Services is Wazee Digital’s end-to-end solution for capturing, amplifying, and monetizing the most compelling moments in sports and live events. Key to Live Event Services is an on-site Wazee Digital team that handles all content capture, upload, management, metadata, and user support during the event. Part of what makes Live Event Services possible is Digital Media Hub, the only centralized, web-based system that allows near-live moments to be captured and made immediately available for global highlights, publishing, and syndication. Live Event Services also includes highlights production and publishing; sponsor activation leveraging Digital Media Hub; and dynamic ingest and licensing.

TrackVia provides companies like Wazee Digital with a better, more modern way to create, modify, and deploy highly customized and scalable web and mobile applications. This enables them to streamline their complex workflows and multistep processes, which require fast and accurate data collection, real-time workflow automation, and well-synchronized task management. A true low-code platform, TrackVia combines its signature drag-and-drop functionality and visual, intuitive user interface with advanced technical features, such as in-app scripting and modern APIs for application development and management. An agile and flexible platform, TrackVia can also be changed easily and quickly in real time to support evolving operations and continuous process improvement.

Custom applications built atop TrackVia’s low-code platform allow Wazee Digital to centralize multiple data feeds, such as an event’s scoring data feed, so that a single producer can track, manage, and make real-time decisions about the most relevant and important content to focus on during production. The real-time scoring data gives Wazee Digital’s highlights team insight into every action occurring during a sporting event to help drive highlight selections. The TrackVia platform, along with its intelligent automation, robust data integrations, and real-time analytics, complements and enhances Wazee Digital’s complete on-site and cloud workflows. Remote team members also have access to all of the data contained within their TrackVia application, so they can be a part of the on-site workflows in real time. Furthermore, Wazee Digital customers using Live Event Services can see snapshots of the content being processed through their own dashboard.

“We are excited to partner with Wazee Digital to help them develop a valuable solution to track and manage all of the data, processes, and real-time project coordination involved in the innovative sporting event services that they provide to their prominent clients,” says Pete Khanna, CEO, at TrackVia. “TrackVia is all about providing companies like Wazee Digital a low-code platform, which enables them to build operationally critical applications rapidly and easily and in a manner that precisely fits their unique and evolving needs both today and in the future.”

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