IMT microLite COFDM HD Transmitter Supports Monarch Video

xG Technology’s law enforcement and defense markets, and private mobile broadband networks for critical communications, and its IMT business unit, recently provided the microLite COFDM HD Transmitter to support Monarch Video with its video transmission needs and help enhance its services. 

When Andrew Schmetterling, owner and operator of Monarch Video, LLC, needed a wireless transmission system to support his video assist work for movie and commerical shoots, he chose IMT, an advanced digital microwave system serving the law enforcement, broadcast, sports and entertainment markets, and its microLite transmitter.

Schmetterling’s main task is to take the output of the camera(s) during a commercial, TV, or movie shoot and show clients, directors, or main point of contacts what’s being captured in real-time to help them better understand what the end-result will look like. The microLite provides him with a clean, sharp image, which he pairs with IMT’s RF Central Direct VU HD Handheld Video Assist Receiver to round out a real-time ecosystem that is unique and effective. Schmetterling’s setup is coupled with a variety of ARRI Alexa and RED cameras, as well as QTAKE HD software to record multiple camera angles at once.

“The microLite is the best system out there,” says Schmetterling. “It’s great to have something that’s always reliable, and that I know will work every day. For example, we were shooting in New York City by the Waldorf Astoria, where I was all the way around the corner on 50th Street. I went halfway down the block and still had no problem transmitting and receiving the image. It’s good to know that you can do that.”

Schmetterling has used the microLite and Direct VU for several different types of shoots. One of his go-to examples is when he is participating in driving shots for well-known companies, such as Ford and Chrysler. He takes both the camera and the car and places them on a process trailer that’s being towed. Schmetterling then takes his shots and transmits them via the microLite to the base camp, receive bus or van and monitors everything he is transmitting to them via the Direct VU.

“I love how easy the microLite is to set up,” continues Schmetterling. “There are no tedious pairing options that complicate things. With certain competitors, you have to put in a paper clip to reset a button to get it to try to pair and if we are unsuccessful in getting that to work it causes significant delays and a lot of stress. You don’t have this problem with the microLite. You set it to a preset, you set the receiver with the preset and then you’re done.”

The microLite COFDM HD Transmitter is a portable system of wireless camera transmission links for high-quality video applications of up to one-mile line-of-sight (LOS). It provides exceptional range at no cost to microLite HD’s signature portability. Featuring superb H.264 SD and HD encoding capabilities and operating in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode, the H.264 video encoder supports the main profile of the H.264 standard and therefore provides a 30 percent bit-rate reduction or video-quality improvement compared to encoders that only support the H.264 baseline profile.

Schmetterling is also impressed with the Direct VU‘s feature set, which helps make setup easier. “If any frequency issues are encountered, there are two easy ways of resolving it  – either change the frequency continuously to find an open channel, or, by using the Direct VU receiver, its frequency spectrum analyzer can locate an open channel quickly” says Schmetterling. “Another good feature is being able to choose between analog or embedded audio. It’s a very professional unit with features that give me less to think about on a shoot.”

Overall, Schmetterling views the microLite and Direct VU as great products. “When people ask me what to use for transmitting, I have no problems recommending the microLite with Direct VU because I know the products and I know how well they work.”

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