Upcoming Webinars Alert: Dell EMC, AWS Elemental, and ChyronHego

Make sure to check out these upcoming webinars from Dell EMC, AWS Elemental, and ChyronHego.

Dell EMC: How Isilon Express Grows with Your Business’s Needs

Aug. 31 at 12 p.m. ET

By 2020 the digital universe – the data we create and manage annually – will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes! Most of that data is unstructured—which is any kind of data that isn’t represented by a formal database structure—in other words, just about everything! Photos, videos, day-to-day documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and device-generated logs and reports are all examples. Many small-to-medium businesses are struggling with managing this deluge of unstructured data; as business needs grow, requirements to handle the data grow and change: like adhering to mandated compliance rules, increasing data protection and resiliency, and tailoring storage requirements to data value in order to improve cost/capacity/performance ratios.

In this webinar, we will explore how Isilon Express adapts to changing business needs to keep costs low while still satisfying users’ and IT needs pertaining to:

  • SIMPLICITY of administration and use. Simplicity should be retained as the NAS grows–a fraction of a full-time employee for a petabyte of storage is a good metric.
  • FLEXIBILITY of growth. As your installation grows, you need the ability to match storage needs with the value of your data by associating data value with different capacity/performance tiers.
  • DATA PROTECTION needs. Your NAS should provide a highly resilient storage environment that supersedes traditional approaches (like RAID). For data backup and recovery, snapshots should be fast and incur low overhead.
  • SECURITY REQUIREMENTS. Including Write Once, Read Many (WORM) protection against accidental, premature or malicious alteration or deletion of your data. We’ll also cover compliance rules like the stringent SEC 17a-4 requirements and roles-based Access Zones that create a strict separation between storage administrators and users.
Speaker: Robert Masson

AWS Elemental: HEVC – The Past, Present & Future Explained

Sept. 7 at 11 a.m. ET

The benefits of leveraging the exceptionally efficient video compression techniques of HEVC / H.265 – with no sacrifice to video quality – are well known. But Apple’s recent commitment to hardware support raises questions, such as:

  1. Which companies currently use HEVC?
  2. How does HEVC fit into their workflows?
  3. What must I do now to be ready for the future?

In this webcast, we’ll explain how we got here, discuss the ways AWS Elemental implements HEVC, show you how our customers use it, and look at where HEVC is headed. Reserve your seat now.

ChyronHego: What’s New In The CAMIO Universe?

On Demand

The CAMIO Universe has expanded since its launch nearly a year ago. The latest release of CAMIO brings new renderers, an update to Asset Manager, the introduction of LUCI5 – now HTML5-based, and HubDrive, ChyronHego’s all-new content distribution and syncing solution.

CAMIO 4.2.2 Asset Manager.pngThe CAMIO Universe gives you a unified control and extensive automation to address every aspect of news production. Whether it’s controlling robotic cameras, providing software-based video switching, enhancing your story with sophisticated weather graphics, or generating replaceable graphics for a virtual studio, the CAMIO Universe is your on-air graphics control center.

Join ChyronHego Product Managers Jim Martinolich and Cheryl Hardy during this 1-hour webinar and you will learn more about the latest updates to CAMIO’s Asset Manager and the path to platform upgrades. We’ll also take a look at the all-new LUCI5’s Concept-to-Air Workflow and we’ll preview the new features we’re adding to this Web-friendly HTML5 CAMIO interface. Finally, we’ll introduce you to HubDrive, our new content distribution and syncing solution. All this and more to help you tell a better news story.

Jim Martinolich
, Senior Product Manager, ChyronHego
Cheryl Hardy, Product Manager, ChyronHego

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