Level 3 Unveils Encrypted Waves for Secure, Scalable Data Center, Cloud Connectivity

Maintaining the security of critical and sensitive data is no small feat for global enterprises. In today’s cyber reality, even secure fiber optic networks can be at risk of unlawful interception and fiber tapping, or diversion of a transmission for unlawful surveillance. While cloud-based encryption solutions can address this vulnerability, they often do so at the cost of network performance. With encrypted waves from Level 3 Communications, global enterprises no longer need to trade network performance for encryption of their most critical and sensitive data.

Discover how high-capacity encrypted wavelengths by Level 3 secure mission-critical data between private data centers or to major cloud service providers (CSPs).

Key Facts:

  • Level 3 encrypted waves help global businesses address increasing security threats, without sacrificing network performance.
  • With encrypted waves by Level 3, enterprises have a single network view to simplify the operations of their security infrastructure, including encryption key management.
  • Customers maintain complete access and control over their encryption keys via the MyLevel3 portal and a Level 3-provided key management system.
  • Level 3 encrypted waves utilize Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption, the gold standard in encryption algorithms, in addition to dynamic key exchange and hitless key rotation for additional layers of security.
  • The end-to-end optical solution features the highest levels of network performance, ultra-low latency and no throughput degredation, with fewer network elements, lower capital costs and minimal overhead required.
  • As a protocol-agnostic solution, there is no need for enterprises to invest in additional encryption equipment to leverage encrypted waves between key customer locations or as a secure connection to CSPs .
  • Encrypted waves are available across Level 3’s expansive footprint in Europe and North America.
  • Enterprises can manage their growing bandwidth demands by leveraging Level 3’s encrypted waves in bandwidths ranging from 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps.

“Organizations are moving ever higher amounts of data over their networks and to data centers in remote locations, where fiber may be physically compromised,” says Brian Washburn, Director of Global Business Network and IT Services for Current Analysis. “Encrypted wavelengths are designed to protect the most demanding, latency sensitive fiber transport services. This new option can provide wavelength services that are both fully managed and secured end-to-end, all presented to the enterprise and controlled through Level 3’s customer portal.”

“Every element of a critical network today has to be hardened against security attacks. Level 3 encrypted waves offer enterprises peace of mind by addressing security threats such as unlawful interception and fiber tapping, without sacrificing network performance,” says Paul Savill, SVP of Core Products for Level 3. “Unlike other optical encryption solutions on the market today, our solution provides greater direct customer control with built-in encryption key management through our portal. This is just one example of how Level 3 continues to deliver a truly customer-defined adaptive networking experience.”


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