Japan’s Chukyo TV Equips New Broadcast Suites With IHSE KVM Switching System

Japanese broadcaster Chukyo TV has outfitted its broadcast complex with an enterprise-level large IHSE Draco tera KVM switching system, enabling reliable and secure operation for broadcasters and producers. Chukyo TV, one of Japan’s foremost broadcast organizations, took the opportunity to upgrade the broadcast suites and establish more efficient and effective workflows when the organization moved to a new office headquarters.

“Broadcasters as large as Chukyo TV are working with an array of equipment that’s often dispersed among multiple studios and control rooms and even among multiple buildings. But regardless of location, people need ready access in order to do their jobs,” says Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “That’s precisely the problem IHSE’s enterprise-level large KVM matrix systems were invented to solve. Chukyo TV operators can switch seamlessly from one device to another with effectively zero latency, whether the gear is in the same room or three floors away.”

With plans to locate staff over a large multifloor building, the in-house engineering teams chose to house all broadcast technology equipment centrally and connect individual users throughout the building over copper and fiber cabling. Signal distribution is made possible by using a 160-port Draco tera enterprise along with a separate 32-port Draco tera compact KVM switch.

The system’s density gives operators at every workstation complete and instant access to all appropriate devices. They can freely access editing, caption, scheduling, and other broadcast tools from their own workstation consoles without having to move to another desk or location. The system provides instant connectivity, switching, and delay-free video and audio transmission throughout the studios, production floors, and other areas within the broadcast facility.

“The extensive access control and supervisory capability of the IHSE switches enables us to designate which individual users have access to specific devices in the center,” says Ryuhei Takahashi, deputy director at Chukyo TV. “For example, individual users can be allowed to control playback of video without being able to edit it. Or they can be allowed to access only specific SNG and FPU devices.”

Working with the Chukyo TV engineering teams, local IHSE system integrator ITOCHU Cable Systems. supplied and installed the Draco tera KVM matrix. IHSE’s KVM switching and extension products will be available for demonstration at 2017 NAB Show New York on booth N127.

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