AES NY 2017: Sennheiser, Neumann To Showcase New Line of Mics, Monitors

Sennheiser and Neumann (Booth 724/Demo Room 1E04) will be showcasing their suite of high-quality microphones and monitors for both professional and home studios at the 143rd AES Convention at the Javitz Center in New York City.

Neumann U 87 Rhodium Edition

Highlights on display from Neumann include the U 87 Rhodium Edition microphone and the KH 80 DSP monitor loudspeaker in a new white version.

For Sennheiser, the focus will be on its AMBEO 3D audio recording technologies, presenting the AMBEO VR microphone for producing 3D VR/AR audio and the renowned MKH 800 TWIN recording microphone for loudspeaker-reproduced 3D audio. The audio specialist will also host and participate in a series of demonstrations and panels on immersive audio.

Neumann U 87 Rhodium Edition
The U 87 Rhodium Edition was created to honor the 50th anniversary of the classic microphone’s release. Limited to only 500 units worldwide, this premium microphone is plated with rhodium, a material rarer than gold and more reflective than any other metal. Each of the meticulously crafted microphones is individually numbered with a certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Wolfgang Fraissinet, President, Neumann.Berlin.

Classic Studio

Classic studio tools
The joint Sennheiser and Neumann booth will also showcase the full line of microphones and monitors for professional studios and home recording use. Neumann microphones on display will include the U 87 ai, U 47 FET, TLM 67, TLM 102, TLM 103, TLM 107, M 147 Tube, M 149 Tube, KM 184 A, and the KU 100 dummy head. Sennheiser microphones on display will include the AMBEO VR Mic, MK 4 digital, MK 8, ClipMic digital, MKE 2 digital, and the MKH 800 TWIN.

The MKH 800 TWIN features a dual-capsule design, which allows its pick-up pattern to be remotely controlled at the mixing desk or via a dedicated MKH 800 TWIN plug-in for DAWs, allowing any intermediate characteristic. The free plug-in also allows easy management of multiple TWIN microphones for 3D audio recording.

Also featured is the Neumann line of precision studio monitors, which includes the brand new KH 80 DSP in white. Other Neumann monitors on display include the KH 810, KH 310, and KH 120.

AMBEO demonstrations in 1E04
Sennheiser will host demonstrations of its AMBEO 3D immersive audio technology in demo room 1E04 for the duration of the convention. The sessions will include a walk-through of AMBEO 3D audio for loudspeaker playback and the AMBEO VR microphone.

Special guests such as producer and surround sound expert Tom Ammermann and sound designer and psychoacoustician Lasse Nipkow will join attendees to relate their experiences with the technology. The schedule of demonstration and listening sessions is as follows:

Tom Ammermann – 10/18 at 11:00 a.m.; 10/19 at 12:00 p.m.; 10/20 at 11:00 a.m.
In this Electro Pop focused session, attendees will hear 3D audio mixes from Booka Shade and Kraftwerk. Participants can look forward to engrossing immersive sound, and Tom will be open for questions.

Lasse Nipkow – 10/18 at 1:00 p.m. 10/19 at 2:00 p.m. 10/20 at 1:00 p.m.
EDM producers aim to fully envelop nightclub audiences in sound. 3D audio offers immense potential to increase the immersiveness of that experience and engage the emotions of the audience. Lasse discusses the future of dance music and 3D audio and how it relates to film sound, while delving into explanations of relevant psychoacoustic phenomena via sample recordings and videos.

Gregor Zielinsky – 10/18 at 3:00 p.m.; 10/19 at 4:00 p.m.; 10/20 at 9:00 a.m. Gregor Zielinsky, Sennheiser, will present examples of live and studio AMBEO productions. Also, the MKH 800 TWIN plug-in will be explained and presented in a live session. This free plug-in makes working with the double-capsule MKH 800 TWIN easier and more flexible.

The 2017 AES Show is co-located this year with NAB NY 2017. 

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