DiGiCo Releases S-Series Offline Editor

Continuing its expansion of the popular S-Series console functionality, UK digital live-mixing specialist DiGiCo has announced the release of the new S-Series Offline Editor.

The S-Series Offline Editor is compatible with both Windows and Mac and can be used for both S21 and S31 console sessions
and comes with a high-resolution console screen interface and on-screen help facility. Parameter control is via a mouse wheel and a new Control Strip, along with a quick navigation facility, which can be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. Template sessions are also provided for common DMI card/Rack setups.

“The S Series Offline Editor gives S-Series users the same ability to work on session files offline as they currently have with the SD Series,” says Roger Wood, DiGiCo’s Head of Software Development.

“This means that a whole show file can be written away from site and simply transferred to the console.”

The Offline S-Series editors are now directly available on the Offline Software page HERE.

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