Clear-Com’s LQ Series Breathes New Life Into MSI Analog Intercom Systems

Clear-Com has enabled AV production company Meeting Services of San Diego to connect its legacy analog intercom equipment to modern IP-based intercom systems, using LQ Series interfaces.

2-wire analog wired systems are still an industry standard for many operators. Clear-Com equipment is allowing MSI to do more with its legacy equipment while coming up with new and creative ways to connect production staff, performers and customers. By combining MSI’s 70+ years of engineering expertise with Clear-Com’s versatile communication and connectivity solutions, MSI has used the LQ Series interfaces to transport, power and assigning its 2-wire and 4-wire analog wired beltpacks and camera CCU interfaces to different channels on the system on local or global networks. Either standalone or combined into larger systems with MSI’s HelixNet and FreeSpeak II wireless intercom systems where larger deployment is needed.

Legacy analog stations, beltpacks, and camera CCUs in Front of House (FOH) production positions are able to connect into LQ Series interface boxes to carry signals over IP between them and the HelixNet located Back of House (BOH). The LQ Series boxes provide power to the legacy units plus two-way digital IP connectivity without any of the hum, buzzes, clicks, and cross-talk associated with long runs of analog cable. It has effectively breathed new life into old units; delivering superior audio quality and IP connectivity without buying additional new equipment. With technology like the LQ Series, AV production companies can maximize their inventory and their capabilities.


Connecting legacy equipment over IP networks via the LQ Series isn’t the only way MSI is getting creative with intercom technology. In a second instance, the company also leveraged the LQ interfaces’ newly added IP based telephone Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) capabilities to provide a telephone link between an awards ceremony they were producing and the customer’s headquarters – without using analog telephone lines.

At venues where there are no analog phone lines, connecting a standard teleconferencing system to clients’ head office would be a challenge. To solve the problem, MSI deployed an LQ Series interface box with SIP capability and a HelixNet speaker station at the venue. MSI then sent the signals over IP to the client’s headquarters, where they connected into its IP-based telephone system. As a bonus, MSI was able to feed the return audio into the venue’s house speakers; making it easy for everyone to hear what the headquarters staff had to say. The result was a teleconferencing system without a teleconferencing system being used, thanks to the flexibility of the LQ Series.

In a third advance, MSI uses Clear-Com’s Agent-IC app for patching remote staff into the HelixNet intercom on their smartphones. Agent-IC allows people in the field to connect to the central intercom system whenever they need to, wherever they may be. It is great for outdoor situations, such as doing productions inside large tents and other temporary structures to avoid running wires everywhere.

“The LQ devices have become a cost-effective and versatile connectivity tool for rental companies to connect, extend or expand their existing intercom inventory,” says Kari Eythorsson, Regional Sales Manager, Southwest USA, Clear-Com.

“Because the devices are brand and platform agnostic, rental companies that own industry-standard 2-wire and/or 4-wire intercom system have invested in LQ boxes for saving time, money and resources in deploying intercom systems on both a local and global scale. We are very pleased that MSI have found ways to fully utilize the LQ capabilities.”

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