NAB 2018

NAB 2018: Evertz To Showcase Cutting-Edge Solutions

Evertz will be showcasing its latest innovations at NAB 2018. Evertz is committed to addressing the critical requirements of the media industry, and at NAB 2018 will be demonstrating the latest advancements in Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN), Virtualized Media Infrastructure, Live Media Production, Big Data Analytics, File Based Media Processing, Video Delivery Infrastructure, Media Transport, and UHD/HDR technologies.

IP Here and Now
With over 100 global deployments since 2014, Evertz is leading the industry transition to IP with its SDVN IP based solutions. Evertz’ SDVN solutions feature support for Industry standards including SMPTE ST 2110 for Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 for registration, discovery, and connection management of network devices.

“Evertz is committed to offering comprehensive support of emerging industry standards including SMPTE ST 2110 and AMWA IS-04 and IS-05,” says Fernando Solanes, Director of Solutions Engineering. “Evertz’ ongoing mission is to meet the evolving requirements of our customers, and with our Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solutions, we are enabling our customers with the tools they need as they transition their facilities to IP.”

Evertz will be showcasing the latest innovations of VUE, Evertz’ Intelligent Operations and Control solution which, when combined with MAGNUM SDVN Orchestration, streamlines operational workflows and bridges all the major components of an IP infrastructure under a single point of unified facility control, harnessing the power of IP.

Big Data Analytics
The transition to IP has enabled increased flexibility, agility, and scalability in next generation facilities. It also provides higher levels of complexity as the number of flows over Ethernet interfaces and switch fabrics are significantly higher than SDI ones. inSITE, Evertz’ Big Data Analytics engine is essential to every operational facility today. With its real time data collection capabilities and comprehensive SDVN and Mediator baseline dashboards, inSITE is an invaluable monitoring and troubleshooting tool for every facility. inSITE enables facilities to find operational efficiencies through trend analysis and resource utilization tools. inSITE is an essential part of any hybrid or IP facility.

Virtualized Media Infrastructure
evEDGE is Evertz’ virtualized media infrastructure solution that supports a wide variety of processing and conversion functions which enable an elastic and agile system architecture while improving overall operational efficiency. The evEDGE platform supports a comprehensive selection of processing functions that can be individually licensed based on changing infrastructure requirements. This flexibility enables workflows which can be fine-tuned for every application. evEDGE’s framework supports virtual media processing over a variety of platforms including COTS servers, VMs and a family of Evertz FPGA accelerated compute blades which are ideal for processing applications requiring high density and low latency.

File Based Media Processing
Evertz will highlight its award winning file based solutions for linear and non-linear (VOD) workflows. Mediator-X, OvertureRT-LIVE and Render-X will be highlighted as virtualized, cost-effective, secure and scalable asset management and playout solutions for both public and private cloud environments. Evertz’ cloud based solution delivers the flexibility, agility, efficiency and scale required by media companies to respond to new business opportunities. The advanced architecture of Evertz’ cloud-based solution can enable lower capital expenditures and reduced total cost of ownership for media companies, while making new revenue opportunities accessible. Evertz will also highlight its Mediator-X orchestration engine, through demonstrations with a number of third-party content validation tools, object based storage solutions and platform environment solutions, as well as showcasing OvertureRT-LIVE HDR playout solutions.

Video Delivery Infrastructure
Evertz’ video delivery platforms deliver broadcast quality video from any source, through any network, to any device. For NAB 2018, Evertz will showcase the 570ITXE universal on-ramp IP gateway which is capable of receiving/decoding, normalizing, and performing multiple encodes of incoming streams. Evertz will also highlight its MediaFlow Agile transport stream manipulation platform. MediaFlow features innovative IP domain transport stream normalization and processing which reduces operational costs and simplifies workflows.

Transport Solutions
Evertz transport solutions are leveraging the power of IP with flexible and compact platforms that feature modular signal interfaces which can transport media between facility nodes using dark fiber links, private networks and unmanaged public internet connections. The new SCORPION Smart Media Aggregation platform, with its user selectable mini-module interfaces, is available in 3 different form factors and is ideal for transport applications over dark fiber and managed IP networks ranging from multi-channel to small single channel applications. For transport applications over unmanaged IP networks, the 7890IXG Internet Exchange Gateway features advanced ARQ and FEC technology to ensure reliable transport over congested public Internet connections.

UHD and HDR Infrastructures
Evertz offers Ultra High Definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) solution set. For applications from acquisition to production to playout, Evertz is the only manufacturer which offers complete solutions in quad-link 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, and IP, enabling UHD (with HDR) solutions in both new and existing facilities. Evertz will showcase its latest UHD and HDR solutions for routing, distribution, conversion, multiviewers and HDR/SDR conversion.

RF Solutions
Evertz’ end to end RF solutions uniquely enable users to reach millions of customers while minimizing their ground infrastructure requirements. Evertz offers a comprehensive range of products for RF signal reception, distribution, routing, fiber transport, amplification, slope compensation, protection switching, and LNB power. Evertz will feature its new compact RF routing matrix, the XRF4, which complements the industry leading XPRF family of RF matrices, modular IRD solutions featuring support for SMPTE ST 2110, RF Probes for in depth monitoring of RF and TS signals and wireless transport solutions.

EvertzAV, the AV division of Evertz, will be showcasing a series of all new technology. The highlight of the section will be Evertz’ new Nucleus-AV session manager, which was developed to address the growing demand for simplified AV over IP deployments. Nucleus-AV will be managing the routing of AV signals over a COTS network infrastructure. In addition to new workflows, EvertzAV will also be showing a new line of 4K HDMI H264 encoding and decoding products for WAN and recording applications.

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