Switchboard Live Helps Sports Production Teams Amplify Their Reach

The Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome Switchboard Live as a corporate sponsor. Switchboard Live is a software solution that allows college sports production teams to live stream video content to multiple social media destinations.

Distributing live video to Facebook and YouTube and Twitter takes a technical heavy lift that many colleges are unwilling or unable to do, so they are relegated to one destination. If you’re only live streaming to Facebook, you’re missing out… and so are your fans.

Whether it’s sending live video to dozens of Facebook pages (sponsors, partners, or organizations) or across platforms, Switchboard Live has a seamless, intuitive solution to amplify the reach of your live stream. Switchboard Live’s cloud-based software solution enables you to “go live” across various social media sites. Engage your entire online audience publishing to Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and your own video player.

Switchboard Live has also seen fantastic adoption from customers ranging from NFL to NCAA teams – including the Villanova Wildcats, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and Tennessee Titans — and companies such as TBS and Stretch Internet.

“Expectations for stream quality in today’s marketplace often transcend an organization’s resources, as viewers will always ask why the video they are watching is not as good as ‘XYZ’s’ broadcast across town,” says JD Fox, operations and production manager, Stretch Internet. “To help them make the most of what they have, the industry needs to push for solutions that minimize the strain on these resources, to both lower the barriers to entry, as well as allow for more ‘bells and whistles’ to become possible on a broadcast system. Innovative platforms such as Switchboard Live allow these parties to reach a bigger audience than they ever could previously, while also lowering the computing power and networking footprint of the broadcast as a whole.”

Switchboard Live lets you engage with your audience where they are.