SMPTE Unveils Schedule of Sessions for 2018 Technical Conference & Exhibition

SMPTE  announced the program lineup for the daylong SMPTE 2018 Symposium, “Driving the Entertainment Revolution: Autonomous Cars, Machine Intelligence, & Mixed Reality.” The Oct. 22 event will take place at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in downtown Los Angeles leading into the SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2018).

Michael Zink, SMPTE 2018 Symposium Chair

“To some degree, SMPTE has been laying a lot of the groundwork for this topic over the past few years of the Symposium. Topics have ranged from improved picture, improved sound, and the future of storytelling, all the way to artificial intelligence and machine learning last year,” says SMPTE 2018 Symposium Chair Michael Zink, vice president of technology at Warner Bros. “This year really takes all of those pieces and puts them together in order to create this ultimate immersive experience, examining current market trends and highlighting significant in-car technology and entertainment advances, including the latest developments in autonomous driving, glass, and display technologies, as well as connectivity.”

The morning session titled “How Today’s Tech Advances Will Drive Future Opportunity” will explore how recent advancements in multiple technologies — autonomous cars, machine intelligence, and mixed reality — have positioned the mobility sector for significant transformation. This first session will provide an overview of the current market, predictions for developments in the next few years, and insights into potential opportunities for media and entertainment companies to develop new experiences for the mobile environment.

Intel Automated Driving Group Senior Vice President Douglas Davis will present the keynote, titled “Safety Today for the Autonomous Tomorrow.” He will focus on the potential of autonomous vehicles to save lives by reducing or eliminating human error on the roads. He also will discuss how consumers’ embrace of such vehicles will give rise to a massive new passenger economy and, in turn, drive change across a variety of industries.

Following the keynote, the session titled “How Innovative Content Applications Will Fuel In-Car Entertainment” will likewise examine opportunities arising from consumer adoption of autonomous vehicles. Panelists will discuss how the concept of in-car entertainment will be redefined when passengers have far more time to consume entertainment content on the go. This Symposium session will highlight innovative ideas for content applications — from screen extensions to mixed reality — specifically designed for this new environment. Using real-life examples, it will provide a glimpse into what the in-car entertainment experiences of the future will bring.

The afternoon program will feature a session titled “How Cutting-Ed