U.S. Sports Content Production Company Utilizes Blackbird by Forbidden Technologies

Forbidden Technologies, the developer and seller of Blackbird, the workstation experience in the cloud, has announced that a leading US sports content production company has extended its Blackbird partnership into a third year.

The award-winning industry leader in sports production and content development and distribution which is based at an iconic sports venue in New York, first deployed Blackbird in 2016. Blackbird is now a core part of the cloud video editing, enrichment, and distribution infrastructure of 16 of the company’s sports channels — dramatically improving the time-to-market of digital content such as highlights and clips of popular sports games and events. Over 500 live games of 10 famous professional sports teams from the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLS are covered annually.

Blackbird has enabled the company to maximize its revenue opportunities through the rapid distribution of edited content to worldwide audiences across multiple online channels. The ground-breaking technology of Blackbird has also reduced the company’s reliance on physical hardware allowing staff to work remotely in the cloud from anywhere.

“Working with this client over these past two years has been a fantastic experience for the Blackbird team and I am delighted we are extending this partnership again,” says Ian McDonough, Forbidden CEO. “They are a trailblazing organization who have not only recognized the unique value of Blackbird but also helped us develop it further to expand into new areas of their workflows which even led to an Emmy Award nomination this year.”