The Video Services Forum’s RIST Allows Low Latency File Transport Over IP Networks

The Video Services Forum (VSF) announces the release of Technical Recommendation TR-06-1:2018 entitled “Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Protocol Specification — Simple Profile.” RIST provides a protocol specification based on existing RFCs and other standards for low-latency video transport of MPEG2 transport streams over the Internet, including the well known ARQ (Automatic Repeat Query) technique for lost packet recovery. TR-06-1 can be added to any video delivery solution using SMPTE ST 2022-1 FEC to improve performance on networks with packet loss. Both FEC and TR-06-1 can be used simultaneously to enable a smooth migration from FEC-based protection to RIST-based protection.

Click HERE to download.

The broadcast market has long sought compatibility between vendors to expand the reach of professional video contribution and distribution over the Internet. With VSF’s TR-06-1, interoperability is achieved while providing flexibility for each vendor to innovate within their specific implementations. TR-06-1 also includes support for bit rate bonding across multiple network connections, dynamic load sharing, and hitless protection.

“This Technical Recommendation is the result of specification-based work implemented by members of the VSF, and reflects our organization’s ongoing commitment to openness and innovation for all types of video transport,” says VSF President Richard Friedel, EVP, Technology & Broadcast Strategy, 21st Century Fox.

Artel, Cobalt Digital, DVEO, Evertz, Nevion, QVidium, VideoFlow, and Zixi participated in a successful RIST demonstration was performed in Amsterdam during the IBC tradeshow in September of 2018.

“We are committed to the growth of the broadcast industry, and RIST is a great example of a technical collaboration between VSF members. The team utilized their extensive experience in professional video delivery over the Internet to create a completely open specification that has already been implemented by several organizations,” says Wes Simpson, President, Telecom Product Consulting and co-chair of the RIST Activity Group.

The RIST group intends to build upon this initial work by adding functionality, such as autoconfiguration, encryption, VPN support, NAT traversal, and more. The VSF will showcase a multi-company demonstration at the VidTrans 2019 conference (February 26-28) at the Marina Del Rey Marriott, Los Angeles, CA.

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