ISE 2019: Shure Highlights R189 Mini-Shotgun Mic Cartridge, Microflex Complete Wireless

At ISE 2019, Shure (booth 3-B110) announced that their R189 Mini-Shotgun Mic Cartridge and Microflex Complete Wireless are now shipping:

R189 Mini-Shotgun Mic Cartridge
Shure unveiled the R189 lobar “mini-shotgun” microphone cartridge that threads onto all its Microflex goosenecks and overhead microphones, delivering intelligible speech in even noisy and complex environments.

The new R189 mini-shotgun microphone cartridge features a narrow, highly directional pickup pattern that is ideal for isolating talkers in conference rooms and live presentations or performances where there is a sound reinforcement system. With slim dimensions (1 centimeter, 0.45” x 4.2”) and a subtle design, the R189 attractively integrates with goosenecks on a table or lectern, and with hanging mics above a choir or ensemble.

“We specifically engineered the R189 mini-shotgun microphone cartridge to provide our customers with an additional solution in our award-winning Microflex portfolio,” says Doug Daube, associate category director of networked systems, Shure.“In noisy or reverberant environments, a focused pickup pattern delivers superior audio quality, which is paramount for a good listener experience. When used in podium and table-top applications, these mics perform well from a distance, allowing them to be discreet while delivering remarks. The R189 design ensures that our customers can easily customize how they want to enhance existing Microflex installations.”

The R189 mini-shotgun microphone cartridge will be available early 2019.

Microflex Complete Wireless Conferencing System
At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019, Shure announced that its Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) Conferencing System is now available. A premier solution in Shure’s conferencing portfolio, MXCW offers wireless freedom and flexibility for conferences, meetings, and events inside government, corporate, hotel, and educational facilities — and more. Ideal for environments that need quick, intuitive set-up and breakdown, the all-in-one conferencing solution is dedicated to providing exceptional audio quality, audio security, and ease of use.

The wireless conferencing units—which include a microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, controls, and touchscreen—overcome cable restrictions for use in rooms that require adaptable seating, or in historic settings, where permanent installation (like tabletop drilling) is not an option. Of note, most government entities have rooms that are multi-purpose, or multi-functional. From hosting a quick internal catch-up, to committee meetings or large public gatherings, these rooms are used by numbers of people and purposes. Flexible seating — and a corresponding scalable conferencing system—is a must. Additionally, the lack of visible wiring meets today’s expectations for sleek, clean, setup. It also encourages natural interactions between participants who are no longer held back by connections; instead, they can move and communicate without restraint.

Because a wired connection is not needed, IT managers and AV professionals can setup and configure the system in minutes. If a last-minute meeting is scheduled, users can just pull out the system and configure it for the gathering. On top of this, Automatic Gain Control technology and proprietary audio codec ensures that MXCWdelivers natural, intelligible audio and consistent speech levels for all participants –resulting in highly productive and engaging discussions.

“Straight out of the box, the system just works. With simply a laptop, a switch, the APT, and two cables — along with the mics — you have a top-of-the-range discussion system that has knocked the competition of the park,” says Mark Breakspear, production manager, DLC Events, Dubai UAE. “Connect the APT to the PoE switch, turn the mics on, and, in less than a minute you have a functional discussion system — this product really sells itself.”

Microflex Complete Wireless leverages the power of Shure’s highly-regarded frequency management technology to eliminate the need for time-consuming frequency adjustments and interruptions. Additionally, MXCW is supported by Shure’s Interference Detection and Avoidance technology for reliable transmission even in the most congested RF environments. Coupled with AES-128 audio encryption for enhanced privacy and one single access point, integrators, and AV professional shave real-time control over the entire wireless coverage area.

“The MXCW system is highly reliable, and this is something that convinced me right from the start. Another huge advantage is the Dante option, which allows our customers to integrate the Shure system seamlessly into their existing system environment,” says Matthias Scheffe, Ton & Technik Scheffe Nuembrecht, in Germany.