Viz University Sees Record Enrollments With New Range of Free Courses

Viz University, the training arm of Vizrt, has made a range of courses for graphics designers completely free. The announcement last week resulted in, at one point, 100 people per hour enrolling for the courses and more than 300 total within the first few hours.

The Viz Artist free series contains an introduction to the free Viz Artist tool, with further courses in scripting, design and their most popular course, Transition Logic, one of the key techniques for the Viz Artist design toolbox.

“Viz Artist designers are a sought after commodity in the media industry,” says Gro Beret Heggernes, Head of Viz University. “We’re making it easy for the designers to expand their career with our tools. Now everything they need to start a career as a Viz Artist designer is available for free on Viz University. Creating stunning, unforgettable graphics has never been easier.”

There is a growing global community of Vizrt certified graphic designers. Recently Singapore-based broadcaster Mediacorp invested the time of their graphic designers in the Viz Artist Designer Certification course, with eight of them passing and now being fully accredited Viz Artist Designers.

The Viz Artist Designers Facebook page has nearly 2000 followers, with designers from all over the world share content, share knowledge, and support each other with answers.

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