CatDV Welcomes Krista Watson to North American Team

Square Box Systems has announced that Krista Watson is joining the CatDV team, bolstering business development capabilities across North America.

“We are sooooo excited!” comments Dave Clack, Square Box CEO. “Krista’s been supporting CatDV customers and partners for six years at our North America distributor, JB&A, so we know she will hit the ground running.”

Watson is based in Northern California. With a BA in Radio, TV and Film, and previous roles in production and finance, as well as business development, across a range of prestigious organizations, she is an amazing add to the CatDV team.

Watson adds, “I am definitely looking forward to working with a great company like Squarebox! I’ll be closer to my family, and still be able to engage with all the amazing people I have worked with before. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in my life.”