PSSI Global Services Supplies Transmission for the NHRA at Atlanta Dragway

PSSI Global Services successfully provided high-speed internet, AWS/Sony web streaming, and broadcast transmission services via satellite out of a single transmission vehicle for a full weekend of NHRA racing at Atlanta Dragway. To facilitate all three services, the company leveraged one of its large-aperture C-band trucks to transmit and receive across two transponders of Eutelsat 113.

With no fiber infrastructure available at the venue, PSSI Global Services provided comprehensive video backhaul services via satellite for the primary broadcast, which aired live on Fox Sports 1.

For a total of four days, PSSI Global Services also provided high-speed internet, available 24/7 to the NHRA production team. Working through PSSI International Teleport (PIT) in collaboration with Eutelsat, PSSI Global Services established a two-way IP over satellite system that allowed the company to provide the desired bandwidth, as well as customize upload and download speeds to meet the NHRA’s unique needs.

In addition, to provide AWS/Sony web streaming, PSSI Global Services used cutting-edge encoders at PIT to take in the feed from the event and distribute it to the appropriate streaming platforms. The encoders can accommodate all video formats and protocols, receive feeds from any delivery mechanism, and push content to any CDN or streaming site.

“Only PSSI Global Services has the ability to provide such a full scope of services out of a single vehicle,” said Rick Ball, Director of Broadcast Sports, PSSI Global Services. “With the help of our strong industry partnerships, expansive resources and unmatched engineering expertise, we are able to accomplish transmission feats that no one else can.”

Beyond this satellite-only transmission, PSSI Global Services continues to collaborate with AT&T Global Video Services on various other NHRA races at tracks with fiber infrastructure. For these races, the company uses a transmission vehicle with a Media Links shelf to provide internet and data as well as video transport via fiber with a satellite backup.