SVG Esports How-To Series: Producing a Live League of Legends Competition With Riot Games’ Eamon Frasher

In this presentation from the SVG College Summit, learn the tricks of the trade to producing a live esports event

Esports is exploding, and producing an esports event presents unique challenges for live-content creators. In this special series from SVG, take a concentrated look at how some of the top esports brands put together their live-streamed productions. From the operational requirements to the creative storytelling techniques behind some of the biggest esports, get advice on how to enhance your esports production or how to build an operation from the ground up.

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) videogames are a truly esports-native experience offering unique challenges for entertaining hardcore fans while also engaging new viewers. Fresh off its Collegiate League of Legends Championships, Riot Games offers advice for producing your MOBA broadcast.

The conversation features Eamon Frasher, broadcast producer, Riot Games, and is moderated by SVG Chief Editor Jason Dachman. This session was hosted at the 2019 SVG College Summit.

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