Grass Valley Offers 50% Discount on EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition Through End of August

Customers of Grass Valley’s EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition can now save over 50% on the regular full version price. The Home Edition is available for only 209€ (EMEA) or $239 (Americas) plus local tax.

“There are two limitations” explained Michael Lehmann-Horn, CEO, magic multi media GmbH and EDIUS Distributor. “The EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition is aimed exclusively at private users and may not be used commercially. Furthermore, the Home Edition is not eligible for the standard upgrade to a future EDIUS version 10.”

EDIUS Pro 9 is known for performance and stability. It is available without subscription requirement. In the current version, the editing software offers numerous optimized functions for the creative videographer as well as for the private documentation of a wedding celebration or vacation trip. This includes multi-camera editing and color correction for the creation of film looks as well as for the quick correction of color casts. EDIUS Pro 9 natively supports nearly every modern camera codec and allows the mixing of material, also in terms of frame rate and resolution, on a timeline.

EDIUS Pro 9 already runs on a standard notebook or office PC and therefore usually does not require any additional investment in new hardware. All information, the free support, and the software itself is available not only in English, but also in German, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages.

“We are delighted that we can offer the EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition for more than 50% off the price of the regular version, a highly attractive offer for dedicated private users,” concludes Michael Lehmann-Horn. “EDIUS Pro 9 Home Edition can be purchased through EDIUS resellers until 31 August 2019.”