Register Now for VITAC’s ‘Custom Caption Integrations and Data Security Set’ Webinar on Wednesday, July 24

Among the most important topics when discussing captioning in the corporate world are whether captions can integrate with a company’s existing video platforms, and whether the details of that captioned data are secure.

Every company is different, and each may require a customizable solution to meet its captioning needs, whether it be live or offline captioning of a corporate webinar or a company announcement posted to YouTube.

As a full-service captioning and accessibility company, VITAC offers an extensive list of caption integration solutions that not only cover a variety of customer-specific processes, but also are thoroughly tested in multiple customer environments.

Corporations also handle sensitive information, from client and proprietary data to the personal information of their employees, and VITAC takes our clients’ security and confidentiality needs seriously. We have designed our networks, workflows, and applications to meet high security standards, and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

As part of our “Advancing Accessibility” series, VITAC will present a “Custom Caption Integrations and Data Security” webinar on Wednesday, July 24, at 12 noon EST. The webinar will be hosted by Brittany Winland, VITAC’s Director of Marketing Communications, and feature speakers Joe Antonio, VITAC’s Chief Information Officer, and James MacPherson, VITAC Inside Sales Manager.

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Topics include:

  • The most popular video platforms and caption integrations
  • How VITAC creates custom workflows to integrate with both live and recorded video platforms
  • Measures taken to ensure client information security.