Filmmaker Barry Green Creates Tutorial Videos for Panasonic’s AG-CX350 Camcorder

Panasonic has announced the immediate availability of Barry Green’s A Guide to the Panasonic AG-CX350 Camcorder, a comprehensive reference eBook for customers and users of the new 4K 1.0-type AG-CX350 handheld camera. The eBook can be downloaded for free HERE.

Author/filmmaker Barry Green takes the reader through every menu, setting, and function on the AG-CX350 in this step-by-step eBook. The eBook includes a quick orientation to basic principles for shooters and in-depth walk-throughs of the camera’s unique capabilities.

Also available are a series of how-to videos and scene files that Green has created to help AG-CX350 users achieve the camcorder’s full potential. Ten how-to videos include an overview camera tour, plus information on adjusting color, controlling audio, menu settings, networking, zooms and image stabilization, recording formats, streaming, user buttons and “tips and tricks” (e.g., advice on zoom control, shooting HDR and more). The videos can be viewed on Panasonic’s official YouTube channel HERE, as well as the eBook’s web page.

The six unique Scene Files enable you to capture a specific look in-camera for a faster and more efficient post workflow. Scene Files can be created and saved in the AG-CX350, as well as loaded onto an SD card for later use. The Scene Files are also available on the eBook’s web page.

Barry Green is an Emmy award-winning producer/writer who has authored many books on the operations of Panasonic professional camcorders.