Vimond Provides Streaming, Video-Management and -Distribution Options Through the Cloud

Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome Vimond as a corporate sponsor. The video-management and -distribution–software company delivers cloud-based solutions to the broadcast, media, and sports-video industry. With a broadcast background and combining technology with storytelling and workflows, the company has seen (and driven) the pivotal digital transformations that the media industry is experiencing. Providing intuitive and efficient workflows, its services enable broadcasters, distributors, and others all over the world to use the very best video content. Vimond is focused on offering product modules that are flexible, open, and tailored to each unique customer need.

“Vimond loves projects that push the envelope of technology to solve real problems that provide our customers with a secret sauce that sets them apart in their space,” says Megan Wagoner, VP, sales, Vimond.

Vimond’s cloud-technology stack includes an online video platform with Content Management Services, Orchestration, Curation, Live Channel Scheduling, Monetization, and Distribution using well-documented and easily accessible APIs for integration. The company also provides Vimond IO, a powerful browser-based Live and VOD ingest, edit, and publish toolset. IO can publish video directly to social-media outlets and has powerful metadata-editing capabilities.  

Vimond has extensive experience with managing and distributing live events and live channels in the sports-video arena. In the 1990s, the company was the first to begin streaming video for broadcasters. Since then, Vimond has continued to develop a mature and robust live infrastructure, trusted by major media and sports-broadcast companies to handle their live content.

In the digital space, FloSports uses Vimond IO to clip and edit its 10,000+ yearly live competitive sports events for social-media publishing. In addition, the Vimond Platform powers Iflix’s live football events and the FIFA World Cup. Kayo Sports was launched in 2018 using the entire Vimond video platform with more than 50 sports.

“Vimond’s technology stack is ideal for the sports-video market,” says Wagoner. “From our fast and flexible live capabilities to our efficient and intuitive workflows, we look forward to aligning our Vimond family with the Sports Video Group community to unlock unlimited possibilities in the industry.”