Panasonic Details Availability, Pricing of 1.9 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone System

Panasonic will initiate deliveries this month for its new 1.9 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone System for lecture halls and auditoriums. The system has expandability to handle spaces from small to large with high sound quality, having connection of up to 8 antennas allowing for full coverage in any space.

The new sound system further strengthens Panasonic’s product line, thereby enabling the company to support the increasingly diversified range of customer requirements. The 1.9 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone System has a suggested retail price of $2,275.

Key characteristics

  • Clear sound with a wide frequency band and noise suppression technology
    • Using high-compression-ratio voice codec, this system achieves a wide frequency band of 100 Hz to 15 kHz.
      • Newly developed noise suppression technology makes clear voice reproduction possible.
      • Internal low-cut filter switch makes it is possible to enhance sound clarity by attenuating low frequencies.
  • Large spaces handled with connection of up to 8 antennas
    • Automatic handover function*3 conforming to the 1.9 GHz DECT*1 technology means it is possible to expand the communication area by installing multiple antennas.
      • Up to 8 antennas can be connected using CAT 5/6 cabling, giving this system the expandability to support not only small spaces but also large spaces such as lecture halls, gymnasiums and auditoriums.
  • High level of privacy and confidentiality secured with pairing registration
    • Receiver and microphone pairing registration is easily done.
      • Communication is only possible between pair-registered receivers and microphones eliminating the chance of interference from other systems in the same space*2 or eavesdropping, unlike 800 MHz band analog communication systems.
  • Standard batteries and Non-contact charging
    • Battery issues are avoided by using standard AA batteries and non-contact charging
      • Microphones use a single AA Ni-MH or alkaline battery
      • Charging is done with the rechargeable battery still in the microphone.
      • The charging station is non-contact for reliable operation without problems caused by broken cables or contact issues.

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