Syncwords Supplements Broadcasts, Live Streams With Cloud-Based Language Services

The Sports Video Group is pleased to introduce SyncWords as a corporate sponsor. Launched in 2013, the company provides a professional cloud-based software solution that includes auto-transcription, closed captioning, subtitling, and live translation for broadcast and OTT.

In the sports world, these solutions and services are available to thousands of broadcasters that want to improve their streaming and linear capabilities. Outside of sports, Syncwords’ clientele includes houses of worship and educational and governmental organizations.

SyncWords’s newest offering, LanguageSync, automatically translates and delivers live captioning in various languages, enabling sports broadcasters and streaming providers alike to reach new audiences, increase ad revenue, and boost viewership.
LanguageSync is a professional cloud-based captioning and translation engine that can be added to new or existing workflows for live sports productions.

“For all sports broadcasters and OTT providers seriously looking to grow, Syncwords can significantly increase subscribers and ad revenues,” says Giovanni Galvez, VP, business development and captioning. “The company is able to improve the user experience through its live-translations platform and services.”