Introducing Legends Behind the Lens – A Celebration of the History of Sports Television Through Those Who Built It

Each weekday, relive or discover the story of a sports video production icon that shaped the world we work in today

The story of sports on American television is engrained in the history of this nation. And yet while many of our memories are filled with incredible feats of larger than life athletes or iconic voices of famous announcers, the sports television industry has risen upon the achievements of countless talented men and women who never once appeared on our screens.

During this unprecedented pause in live sports, SVG is proud to present to you a celebration of this great industry we all are lucky enough to be a part of. Welcome to Legends Behind the Lens, a journey of how we got here through the people that not only lived it, but willed it to be.

Each weekday (beginning on April 13) for the next three months, we will share with you the name, face, and story of a person whose impact on the sports television industry is indelible. They come from all walks of life: from those that shape the world from the corner office to those that sweat and bled operating equipment on the sidelines.

Each day of the week, we will deliver to you a legend from the following discipline of sports television:

Mondays: Technical Crafts
Tuesdays: Operations and Engineering
Wednesdays: Production
Thursdays: Manufacturers and Vendors
Fridays: Management

While we hope there are so many things that this series will mean to you, there are also many things this series is not. This is not a rankings list nor does the order in which we are presenting these people to you reflect any veiled importance. We also don’t present this as a definitive list of the history of this industry. That story is still being written and there are many names worthy of being included in this collection that may not be. We share this purely as a celebration of the vast and diverse history of this business through the lives of those who tirelessly worked to make sports television such an important, joyful slice of Americana. From its very beginning to today.

Legends Behind the Lens is presented in association with the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame and, most importantly, the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund. In these trying times – with so many countless video production professionals out of work – we hope that you will consider (if you are able) donating to the Sports Broadcasting Fund. You can do so by visiting

We hope you enjoy the ride!


June 3: Ted Nathanson (Production)
June 2: John Roché (Operations and Engineering)
June 1: Joe Schiavo (Technical Crafts)
May 29: Mark McCormack (Management)
May 28: Ray Dolby (Manufacturers and Vendors)
May 27: Dick Ebersol (Production)
May 26: Julius Barnathan (Operations and Engineering)
May 22: Steve Bornstein (Management)
May 21: Pat Sullivan (Manufacturers and Vendors)
May 20: Ed Goren (Production)
May 19: Jack Weir (Operations and Engineering)
May 18: Linda Rheinstein (Technical Crafts)
May 15: Sean McManus (Management)
May 14: Larry Thorpe (Manufacturers and Vendors)
May 13: Harry Coyle (Production)
May 12: Marvin Bader (Operations and Engineering)
May 11: Cory Leible (Technical Crafts)
May 8: Chet Simmons (Management)
May 7: John Porter (Manufacturers and Vendors)
May 6: Geoffrey Mason (Production)
May 5: Andrea Berry (Operations and Engineering)
May 4: Bob Mikkelson (Technical Crafts)
May 1: John Walsh (Management)
April 30: Joe Cohen (Manufacturers and Vendors)
April 29: Chet Forte (Production)
April 28: George Wensel (Operations and Engineering)
April 27: Bob Seiderman (Technical Crafts)
April 24: Don Ohlmeyer (Management)
April 23: Mickey Wittman (Manufacturers and Vendors)
April 22: Frank Chirkinian (Production)
April 21: Chuck Pagano (Operations and Engineering)
April 20: Steve Laxton (Technical Crafts)
April 17: Roone Arledge (Management)
April 16: Charles Steinberg (Manufacturers and Vendors)
April 15: Bill Webb (Production)
April 14: Garrett Brown (Operations and Engineering)
April 13: Davey Finch (Technical Crafts)

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