FUJIFILM Names Nick Matthews as Australian Cinematographer of the Year Award

This year’s FUJINON FUJIFILM Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) National Awards was a bit different. It wasn’t so much physically held, but instead Zoomed as so many events have been this year. That said, many things remained the same with Ray Martin AM, the host and MC, and ACS National President Ron Johanson OAM ACS as always very much on hand to help things along. When all was said and done, Nick Matthews ACS won the Milli and was named Australian cinematographer of the year for his work on Hotel Mumbai. He also collected the Gold Tripod for features budgeted above $2 million.

“The National Awards is the pinnacle for the ACS members, and there is nothing better than the reward you receive by being recognized by your peers, it is without doubt, the best pat on the back you can receive,” says Johanson. “Heartiest congratulations to Nick Matthews and all the nominees and the recipients. As always our deepest thanks go to FUJINON FUJIFILM and all our ACS sponsors without whom the society wouldn’t be able to carry out the work it does.”

Other winners on the night included Caleb Ware ACS who collected the documentaries award for By the River, Zoe White ACS won the drama series or telefeatures prize for The Handmaid’s Tale and Katie Milwright ACS who won the dramatised documentaries award for Guilty. In the features budgeted below $2 million category Joshua Flavell ACS received the Gold Tripod for Pimped and Chris Bland ACS got the award of distinction for Locusts.

Industry legends Dion Beebe ACS, Roger Lanser ACS, and John Wheeler ACS were inducted into the Hall of Fame and Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS won the Ron Windon Award.

Click HERE to watch the ceremony.

“It is such a great thing for me to witness the ACS Awards at every level and see the looks on the faces of the various recipients,” concluded Johanson. “So rewarding, especially for me as the President of this august Society. We all look forward to the coming year and to holding next year’s awards in person again.”

The full list of winners at the 2020 FUJINON FUJIFILM Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) National Awards are:

Gold certificate: David Szasz – Ship Out

Student Cinematography
Gold certificate: Michael Filocamo ACS – A Bird With No Legs

John Bowring ACS TV Station Breaks & Promos
Gold Tripod: Tony Luu ACS – The Voice promo

Music Videos
Gold Tripod: Kieran Fowler ACS – Guy Sebastian ‘Choir’

Syd Wood ACS Local & National News
Gold Tripod: Arron Hage ACS – Snowy Mountains fly fishing (Seven Network News)

Neil Davis International News
Gold Tripod: Joel Lawrence ACS – The Battle for Hong Kong

Current Affairs
Gold Tripod: Tom Bannigan ACS – Foreign Correspondent, The Oasis (ABC)

Entertainment & TV Magazine
Gold Tripod: Chris Lewis ACS – Burringurrah

Corporate & Educational
Gold Tripod: Lincoln Williams ACS – Evolve Skateboards

Gold Tripod: Caleb Ware ACS – By the River

Ron Taylor AM ACS Wildlife & Nature
Gold Tripod: Edward Salter ACS and Daniel Hunter ACS – Hostile Planet (Jungles: Bats vs Crocs)

Commercials – Local & Regional
Gold Tripod: Campbell Brown ACS – Running Bare

Commercials – National/International
Gold Tripod: Tim Tregoning ACS – Rural Fire Services – Have a Plan

Dramatized Documentaries
Gold Tripod: Katie Milwright ACS – Guilty

Short Films
Gold Tripod: Carl Robertson ACS – Ascendant

Serial TV & Comedy Series
AD: Judd Overton ACS – No Activity series 2 episode 8

Drama Series & Telefeatures
Gold Tripod: Zoe White ACS – The Handmaid’s Tale series 3, episode 11 – Liars

Feature films budgeted below $2 million
Gold Tripod: Joshua Flavell ACS – Pimped

Feature films budgeted above $2 million
Gold Tripod: Nick Matthews ACS – Hotel Mumbai

Ron Windon Award
Robb Shaw-Velzen ACS

Hall of Fame
Dion Beebe ACS, ASC
Roger Lanser ACS
John Wheeler ACS

Milli Award
Nick Matthews ACS – Hotel Mumbai