Dimetis White Paper: Why Service Assurance Is Critical for Broadcast Network Operations

The very nature of broadcasting demands a high level of reliability when it comes to delivering video and audio in the whole end-to-end media delivery workflow. Just a single dropped frame can negatively affect the viewing experience and bring the service provider into disrepute, especially if there is a delivery failure just at the most inopportune moment such as a goal being scored at a soccer match or at the final completion of a record-breaking event.

How does Dimetis ensure a continued maximum level Quality of Service? It is achieved through a series of processes, architectural designs, and processes built into the end-to-end workflow to deliver on high reliability. This is known as Service Assurance and is built into the DNA of all of the Dimetis products and service offerings.

What is Service Assurance?
Service Assurance in the media world is a set of processes, monitoring, and analytical tools to ensure that services offered over a network meet a predefined Service Level Agreement (SLA) for an optimal subscriber experience. It can include many factors from resilient systems, automatic failover and the ability to provision services on demand to meet the SLA’s, especially on network broadcast requirements that can experience a wide range of differing demands to its bandwidth and encoding services. This is especially true when looking to include a wide range of formats to add emerging workflows of UHD (4K), 8K, cloud technology and to future proof against other up and coming video workflows such as those utilizing HDR (High Dynamic Range), HFR (High Frame Rate), and WCG (Wide Color Gamut).

What are the products?
Dimetis develops a range of networking management solutions specifically for the media and broadcast sector to deliver secure and reliable video and audio streams. From video contribution to playout across terrestrial TV, SAT and Cable or through OTT platforms, Dimetis can optimize on-the-fly transcoding and deliver multi-channel video to strict service level agreements across existing network infrastructure.

Dimetis’ range of products includes, but is not limited to:

  • BOSS BROADCAST Manager – this is the Dimetis enterprise solution that allows the ease of management and monitoring of a large number of network devices, independent of technology or hardware manufacturer, in broadcast distribution environments.
  • BOSS LINK Manager OpsNGN Release – a product that allows broadcasters and carriers (Media/Communication Service Provider (M/CSP)) to optimize the performance of their network environment through dynamically applying bandwidth for different signal types such as file transfer, live video or audio.
  • BOSS OPERATION Manager – is utilized as an easy-to-use resource management system for planning and scheduling media transmission connections and required resources in a broadcast environment.
  • BOSS MEDIA Exchange – provides complete management, automation, and transfer of large media files. It includes a sophisticated GUI workflow designer and an advanced metadata manager that can collect and utilize metadata for processing files in conjunction with third-party tools such as transcoders, storage, and resource scheduling tools.

The above solutions can be used in a broadcast workflow to create services for delivering channels and distributing networks. All Dimetis products have Service Assurance as a major part of their DNA which sets them apart from other network infrastructure technologies.

What is Service Assurance in context of the products?
The definition of Service Assurance is easier to state than it is to deliver on.

Service Assurance is delivering to specific Service Level Agreements (SLA) that is a major part of defining the requirements of a specific media delivery and distribution service. It is not just about bandwidth in terms of Gb/sec, it includes end-to-end latency, uptime, and transcoding functions for compression and platform compatibility, redundancy concepts including multiple disjunctive pathfinding, root cause analysis for direct pinpointing, and resolving complex fault impacts.

Being able to monitor systems, the ability to dynamically apply extra bandwidth during peaks, and throttle back during the troughs to save costs, and the ability to self-heal are all parts of the complex environment that is Service Assurance. The Dimetis range of products can deliver services to strict SLA’s and the tools can give a clear picture on what is being delivered, and provide alarms in the event of a slowdown, video error, or failure.

To read the entire white paper, click here.

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