Eurovision Services Extendes Deadline to Register for BISS-CA Migration

Eurovision Services will start distributing selected major live sports events using the latest BISS-CA encryption standard from autumn 2020. Broadcasters who hold the rights for these events will need to register their decoders in order to receive these signals, plus a record of the public BISS-CA key for any decoder requiring BISS-CA access.

Broadcasters with a account can log in to their dashboard to review the list of their equipment in our database, add any missing decoders, and request BISS-CA access for individual devices.

The procedure for upgrading the decoder firmware differs according to device and vendor. You can find more details on our regularly updated FAQ page.

Eurovision has already registered over 600 decoders from nearly a hundred different organizations. Since the upgrade process comprises several different stages, the company encourages all broadcasters who have not yet done so to register their equipment by 30 September 2020 at the latest. Decoders will only be able to decrypt BISS-CA transmissions from Eurovision Services once the entire registration process has been completed in our system.