Cobalt Digital Develops 9915DA-12G for 4K Video, Audio Distribution

As demand for 4K continues to rise, distribution for 12G-SDI signals within a rackspace becomes increasingly important. Cobalt Digital’s latest 9915DA Series allows for copper runs reaching equipment within a rack room or truck. Fiber is then used to transport 4K signals great distances for runs between trucks, rooms or facilities.

Cobalt’s different configuration models are field upgradeable offering maximum flexibility for your application:

  • 9915DA-1×16-12G
  • 9915DA-2×16-12G
  • 9915DA-4×16-12G

Additional features available:

  • Full support of 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI and ASI/DVB
  • Input data rate auto-detection for all industry-standard data rates
  • Added fiber inputs/outputs via optional SFPs
  • One-card solution for distribution of 4K/8K content over 12G-SDI interfaces
  • Failover provides backup to selected secondary inputs if primary input loses lock
  • Card display and DashBoard status input lock indicators
  • Hot-swappable
  • Five year warranty