Panasonic Releases Small Waterproof Switches With Wiring Failure Detection Function

Panasonic’s Industrial Solutions will launch mass production of Turquoise Stroke Mini Switches with Built-in Resistors, which are small waterproof switches with a wiring failure detection function that will improve the safety of automobiles.

With progress in the electrification of vehicles and signs of the widespread use of autonomous driving and self-parking in recent years, automobiles require a higher level of safety than ever before. Automotive switches, which detect the state of door opening and closing and the shift lever position, are also required to improve their performance in detecting wiring disconnections and short circuits caused by vibrations, as well as detecting the target objects. Since resistors, which were conventionally mounted in the vicinity of switches, are now built into the body, the newly developed switches are capable of detecting wiring failures, in addition to their original functions. This will improve the safety of automobiles and enable the use of fewer components and smaller mounting areas. The switches are applicable not only to automobiles but also to industrial robots, electric mobility, home appliances, etc., which operate continuously and are susceptible to disconnections due to vibrations.

Panasonic’s new Turquoise Stroke Mini Switches with Built-in Resistors have the following features:

  • The built-in wiring failure detection function detects disconnections and short circuits in addition to switch ON/OFF.
  • The high operating-position precision over long strokes while being small improves design flexibility.
  • The very quiet operation and waterproof performance make the switches applicable to various uses.
  • The new switches help improve the safety of automobiles, as well as enabling the use of fewer components and smaller mounting area

Suitable applications:

  • Automotive: Opening/closing detection of side doors, hood latches, flush door handles, recharge outlets, and shift lever position detection, etc., of hybrid vehicles (HEVs), electric vehicles (EV), gasoline cars, etc.
  • Industrial: Joint part detection in robots, movable part detection in forklifts, lock detection in electric bicycles, etc.
  • Home appliances: Air conditioner panel detection, washing machine lid detection, vacuum cleaner robot position detection, toilet lid/seating detection, etc.

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