Telemetrics PT System, Sony Camera Support AP Efforts at Big Game

A Telemetrics robotic Pan/Tilt camera system for mirrorless cameras played a starring role for the Associated Press (AP) during Super Bowl LV on Sunday. The remote controlled system, a Sony Alpha α9 full-frame mirrorless camera mounted on the Telemetrics PT-CP-S5 Compact Pan/Tilt Head installed inside a Telemetrics WP-HOU-A9 Weatherproof housing and sold as the PT-CP-S5 A9 Weather-Resistant P/T Head Bundle system, has been developed for professional photographers looking to capture high-quality (24 MP) still photos for news outlets and sports events.

The AP used a Telemetrics PT unit and Sony camera to capture images at Super Bowl LV.

For the second year in a row, the new system, which includes a new Lens Servo Unit that allows precise remote control focus of the lens inside the housing, was deployed high atop the stadium to capture bird’s-eye views of the action and the resulting images distributed to AP member outlets (TV stations and newspapers) throughout the country. The AP has ordered six systems for its staff photographers. News agencies in Japan have also embraced the remotely controlled mirrorless camera system as a great way to place cameras in hard-to-reach environments, like high atop a stadium, for unique and creative POV shots.

The NFL’s biggest game has been the ideal proving ground for this system in a live sports setting, providing proof of its reliability, robustness, and ability to acquire unique images remotely using a Telemetrics RCCP-MJ Robotic Camera Control Panel. A network interface allows users to control the camera and access the images online, while Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces are also included.

“We’re honored to have the AP use our technology for the second year in a row, providing a fully integrated system that is ideal for a number of hard to reach camera positions that provide highly unique and creative POV shots,” says Michael Cuomo, VP of Telemetrics. “As its performance at the big game proved, when the goal is to get it right the first time, Telemetrics has the outdoor robotic camera system you can rely on to reliably capture all types of live sports action.”

The new PT-CP-S5 A9 P/T Head Bundle is a fully integrated, aesthetically pleasing robotic camera package that includes a compact pan/tilt head and weatherproof camera housing to fully protect and control the user’s choice of camera and zoom lens. The system’s robotic servo controls use motors of ultra-high position and velocity accuracy, which makes it the perfect choice for live sports and security applications where there’s no room for failure, while the compact, tightly sealed design satisfies a variety of demanding commercial and industrial applications where high reliability and smooth, accurate camera performance are critical.

The new PT-CP-S5 A9 Weather-Resistant P/T Head Bundle is available from Telemetrics and its regional resellers. An underwater housing (PT-WP-S5 Underwater P/T Head Bundle) is also available for unique sports and nature documentary work.


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