Streann Media Offers Dependable Live Streaming Options for High-Profile Sporting Events

The Sports Video Group is delighted to introduced Streann Media as a new corporate sponsor. Established in 2014 in Miami, FL, the company offers an innovative and interactive OTT streaming platform. Thanks to its user-friendly, all-in-one solution, they have earned several industry awards  and have been deployed in 141 countries.

“By creating an integrated and attractive digital venue that engages the sports fan in different ways, teams and broadcasters can develop loyalty and keep their audiences wanting to come back for more,” says Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

The shift to OTT sports streaming now seems inevitable, as the industry is now embracing OTT as a new source of increased revenue and viewership. Why? The answer is data: compared to traditional broadcasting, a sports team operating an OTT platform has access to a wealth of data and metrics about its viewers.

For sports organizations looking to grow the audience for their digital content, this means interpreting data to establish what content resonates with viewers and why. Streann’s OTT platform not only allows sports organizations access to the exact number of people viewing their content — you also have answers to the who, where, and when of your audience.

With Streann, content providers and broadcasters are able to build the next Netflix or Spotify, with more than 100 proprietary features for distribution, engagement, gamification, and market-first monetization technologies. The company has built reliable streaming platforms for major sports events such as the 2018 FIFA World Cup and 2019 Copa America. After these new engagement features, the company built +100 features to bring stunning sport content experiences in every format and device.

More than three-quarters of business leaders from sports organizations agreed that improving fan engagement is essential for business growth, and Streann Media has a suite of features ready to boost engagement exponentially, adding unlimited business model options to increase revenue.

Some of these features include:

  • Inside-chat: Empower real-time engagement by making your fans interact with each other.
  • Inside-game: With a simple integration, you can enter the world of trivia and add new monetization capabilities.
  • Inside-polls: Get real-time polls from your audience. Get to know your digital audience, ask them questions on specific topics, games, etc.
  • Inside-Stories: User-generated content is the new normal. Real people, real content.
  • Inside-Ad: Boost 10x digital ads revenue, as there are no more “skip-ads” with a proprietary, disruptive ad technology.
  • Inside Analytics: Real-time metrics about your content. Get every insight and user behavior from a single platform

As the future of sports consumption becomes more mobile and multiscreen-friendly, strategies like these play into viewers’ desire for greater engagement and community. Valuable interactions often happen on second-screen platforms, bringing little advantage to the primary broadcasters. For more information, please visit their website at

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