BirdDog Announces New P400 and P4K PTZ Bundle Promotions

BirdDog has announced two new, limited time, 4K PTZ Bundles under the header Three is a Magic Number. There are two bundle offers, buy 3x P400 and get a Free PTZ Keyboard, and 3x P4K and get a Free PTZ Keyboard. The bundles join the popular P200 Bundle and the 4K PTZ Bundles will expire on Sept. 30, 2021.

“We’re really pleased to offer these two new 4K PTZ Bundles,” says Eamon Drew, BirdDog Co-Founder and CMO. “We’ve been running a P200 bundle for more than a year and this gives customers an opportunity to get themselves into 4K kit to future proof themselves.”

In addition to the bundles Schools, House of Worship, and not-for-profit Organisations can claim an additional software pack worth $598 USD through BirdDog’s Together program. Details on this can be seen at